Split/Second was one of the more innovative racing games release this past year. We even gave it a 4.5/5 in our Split/Second review. Instead of firing rockets, banana peels, or blue turtle shells at your opponents, you trigger explosions and launch the whole environment at your competition. So in great news for fans of the game, Split/Second will be receiving some DLC later this month.

Black Rock Studio, developers of the game, had some stiff opposition with both Blur and Mod Nation Racers, turning this past spring into a three way battle for arcade racing supremacy. Gamers went their separate ways, choosing the racer that fit their style the most, but in the next couple weeks Black Rock is hoping some downloadable content for PS3 and Xbox 360 will reignite gamers’ need for speed, and explosions.

On their Facebook page it was announced 3 new DLC packs are coming in the next month and a “major” DLC pack in September. The first pack will be a set of “liveries”, which are decals and paint jobs to us colonials, to “really make your Elite vehicles stand out from the crowd.” The two other smaller packs add new vehicles to the mix with a “High Octane” Super Car pack and a single car download of a remixed Ryback Cyclone. The Ryback Cyclone will be a free download as a thank you to the community. There were no specifics given on the release dates of these packs but with three weeks left in August you can only assume it will be once per week or all at once sometime during the next few weeks. You can see one of the new Super Cars in the header image.

The last “major” pack teases a new track, though no details were given regarding the content or the release date other than September. The wording on their Facebook page indicates a single track, which I find somewhat disappointing. I know that building a track with many destructible elements can take a lot of time and resources, however I would like to see a couple more added to the pack.

One of my pet peeves about racing games is when developers only add a few tracks and make them stretch by making variations of those tracks instead of creating brand new ones. Black Rock Studios has been rock solid when it comes to racers and regardless of what they release I know it’s going to be quality work. Also if you didn’t pick up their previous title Pure then you need to do that now. You can find it for about $15 or even $10 bucks in some places.

Are you  looking forward to more Split/Second DLC?