Although a new entry in the Splinter Cell franchise wasn’t unveiled during Ubisoft’s E3 2017 press conference, the video game publisher and developer’s CEO, Yves Guillemot, has given a ray of hope to those with fingers crossed that another sequel will eventually be released. As it so happens, after being asked about the currently dormant stealth-action series during a Reddit AMA session, Guillemot teased the possibility of a new game for the series being in the cards.

The Ubisoft CEO didn’t explicitly state that another Splinter Cell is on the way, but he did confirm that the franchise is never far from the minds of the company’s team of publishers and developers. When asked about the current status of the series, Guillemot said, “Splinter Cell is a brand we talk about a lot. It’s also personally one of my favorite series. We don’t have anything specific to share at the moment, but teams are working on different things, so stay tuned for more.”

Interestingly enough, Guillemot’s statement regarding¬†Splinter Cell during the Reddit AMA echoes similar sentiments that the Ubisoft CEO mentioned earlier in the month during an interview for E3 2017. When asked about the future of the stealth-action franchise then, Guillemot explained that the company has not forgotten about the title, saying, “We are receiving lots of sketches and proposals around the brand, and we’re going to pick one up. I think you will be able to see something, but you will have to wait for that.”

For those unaware, the most recent Splinter Cell title to come out is 2013’s Blacklist, so should Ubisoft actually follow through with an announcement this year for another entry in the series, it would likely be released sometime in 2018 or beyond, marking roughly five or more years since the franchise has been updated. Of course, the fact that Yves Guillemot seems open to another Splinter Cell game points to a followup being announced sometime down the line. Plus, when one takes into account a recent rumor that the company is already actively involved with the creation of a new sequel following its registration of a new license for the brand, it seems likely Sam Fisher will be returning sooner rather than later.

All things considered, a fresh Splinter Cell could be in the works, but Ubisoft has yet to make a formal announcement regarding its development.