‘Splinter Cell’ Live-Action Fan Film Trailer Sneaks into View

By | 2 years ago 

Since studio movies based on video games seem to be suffering from some kind of ancient curse that makes almost all of them turn out poorly, gamers who are desperate to see their favorite video game characters brought to life often have to turn to fan-made films for a fix.

There have been some truly memorable examples of these, including Dan Trachtenberg’s short Portal: No Escape and Half-Life 2 fan film Beyond Black Mesa. Earlier this year Deus Ex: Human Revolution got the fan film treatment and now it’s Splinter Cell‘s turn (again) as Atomic Productions unveils a teaser trailer for an upcoming film called The Splinter Cell.

It’s only thirty seconds long, which means we don’t get to find out much in the way of plot, but the production values look high and there are some pretty cool action shots in there. The Inception-esque foghorn noise that punctuates the trailer is a little off-putting but overall this film definitely looks worth watching for Splinter Cell fans.

Splinter Cell fan film

The Splinter Cell franchise is a long-standing staple of the action-stealth genre and as such has attracted quite a few fan works in the past, most notably the Splinter Cell: Extinction series. The good thing about fan works, however, is that anyone can come along and make them, whereas in Hollywood it’s not uncommon for a studio to acquire the adaptation rights to a video game and then let years go by without ever actually making it, which also prevents any other studios from producing their own version.

That said, since Ubisoft has now launched its own film production company – Ubisoft Motion Pictures – development is underway on a Splinter Cell movie that will star Tom Hardy as Sam Fisher. The film will be directed by Doug Liman (The Bourne Identity), with Up in the Air screenwriter Sheldon Turner currently redrafting the original script by Eric Warren Singer (American Hustle).

Are you feeling optimistic about the Splinter Cell movie, or do you think that fan-made films do a better job on a smaller budget?


Source: Atomic Productions