Splinter Cell Blacklist Dev is Working on New Game

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While parent company Ubisoft has a couple of solid titles slated for release later this year with Assassin’s Creed Syndicate and Rainbow Six Siege, Ubisoft Toronto – one of the game developer’s Canadian subsidiaries responsible for the wonderful Splinter Cell: Blacklist – has been left playing catch up. For instance, back in March 2014, then studio boss Jade Raymond announced five projects in the team’s pipeline that are said to include “two new IPs” and a “new Splinter Cell“. Although, with Raymond jumping ship to work with EA on a new Star Wars game, it remains to be seen if those objectives will come to fruition.

However, it seems that the team behind Splinter Cell: Blacklist is intent on fulfilling their original goals, as the company appears to be hard at work on a new game property. According to a tweet from Heather Holmes, Ubisoft Toronto’s Team Lead Talent Specialist, a job listing has been posted on the company’s career page with the Canadian developer looking for a “New senior game designer with 3Cs [character, controls, camera] expertise on a new IP here at Ubisoft Toronto. Must have AAA game experience.”

Although the details involving the job listing don’t offer much illumination as to what the actual project might be, Ubisoft Toronto is looking for top-tier talent to fulfill the role. For instance, the position goes on to request the need for a candidate that will “be responsible for developing game systems, controls and interfaces (as well as the other interactive elements of his/her project) in order to bring the vision of the Producer into a playable experience.”

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After completing Splinter Cell: Blacklist back in 2013, Ubisoft Toronto went on to collaborate with their sister studio in Montreal for Assassin’s Creed Unity and Far Cry 4, which was named one of Game Rant’s Top 10 Best Video Games of 2014. With that in mind, and considering Jade Raymond’s announcement of a new Splinter Cell, it’s a pretty safe bet for fans to make that Ubisoft Toronto might be foraying into Tom Clancy-inspired territory once more. Nevertheless, it’s still possible that the developers could completely surprise everyone with a brand new franchise.

At any rate, Ubisoft Toronto has a pretty big void to fill after Raymond’s departure. But, with this new project in the works, the Ubisoft subsidiary ought to be fine. So, with any luck, the studio will be delivering more hits in no time.

Are you excited about the prospect of a new Splinter Cell game from Ubisoft Toronto? If so, should they use Sam Fisher as the protagonist again, what kind of nefarious plot do you think he’ll have to foil this time around?

Splinter Cell: Blacklist has been available for quite some time now, as it was released on August 20, 2013 for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii U, and PC.

Source: Twitter (via GameSpot)