Decapitations, dismemberment, organ removal and buckets-upon-buckets of blood are just some of the gruesome sights we can expect to see in upcoming 3rd person slice-em-up, Splatterhouse, which until today we only knew would hitting stores sometime this Fall.

A representative of developer Namco Bandai, has revealed to Gamespot that the gore-laden actioner is now due for a somewhat appropriate Halloween release. We’ll assume that they mean ‘around Halloween’ as October 31st falls on a Sunday this year, not a day typically associated with new releases.

To tie in with announcement, a new trailer has just been released. In it we see Rick dealing out plenty of the aforementioned violence, the footage is topped off with some blindingly fast editing and some rather suitable guitar-shredding metal.


For those unfamiliar with Splatterhouse, it’s a remake of an arcade/TurboGrafx-16 game originally released in 1989. The 2010 remake, penned by comic book writer Gordon Rennie, follows the same plot as the original – Rick, a college student, is searching for missing girlfriend, along the way he happens to find a hockey mask which grants him super-strength and thirst for blood – think Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th on steroids.

The 7 year-old version of myself was a huge fan of Splatterhouse II & III on the Sega Genesis, although I’m not holding my breath on this year’s reboot being a stand-out gaming experience. While I don’t think it looks bad per se, it certainly doesn’t scream ‘must buy’ and hasn’t managed to trigger my internal nostalgia alarm just yet.

Are you looking forward to Splatterhouse? Do you remember the original games?

Splatterhouse will be available for Xbox 360 & PS3 this Halloween.

Source: Gamespot

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