Nintendo announces a new line of amiibo figures for its popular Wii U title Splatoon, confirming that the Squid Sisters will be receiving their own toys.

Gaming companies have been knee-deep in the toys-to-life genre for several years now, but Nintendo has managed to lock down the game mascot-centric figurine market with a bevy of plastic statues known as amiibo. Featuring iconic character from throughout its own lines of beloved IP, not to mention a handful of third-party characters like Final Fantasy 7‘s Cloud and SEGA’s Bayonetta, these amiibo figures have been a massive success for the company. So, of course, it was only a matter of time before it cranked out more, but the Big N plans on revisiting one of its biggest games from 2015 to do so – Splatoon.

While amiibo figures for Splatoon have been around since the game launched last May, Nintendo has announced that new ones based on the title’s Squid Sisters will be arriving later this July 8th. Both of the sisters, Callie and Marie, will come together in a bundle that will then retail for $24.99 USD, which is rather affordable when compared to some of the other amiibo packages. Of course, these toys will do something special and unique once scanned into the game, and that is… allow players to play music!

Alright, so it’s a rather questionable premise for a pair of toys valued at $25, but Splatoon fans can scope out the crazy cool beats and psychedelic dance moves in the quirky amiibo reveal trailer below.

Not content on just those, Nintendo also confirmed that it will be releasing different versions of the existing Splatoon amiibo figures. This will provide fans the opportunity to nab an Inkling statue that suits their style, which is something of value in a game that labels its own toys as having “tasty textures.” Whether or not the food-inspired slogans will lead to a choking hazard label upon their release remains to be seen, but they should make amiibo collectors quite happy.

These additional figures will release on the exact same day as the aforementioned Squid Sisters, July 8th, and will retail for $12.99 USD apiece. Of course, those looking to secure the soon to be coveted orange squid amiibo, along with the newly redesigned Inklings, can buy a three-pack featuring all of them for $34.99 USD.

With rumors surfacing that Splatoon may potentially be ported to the NX, Nintendo’s next home console, there’s a chance that even more scannable action figures will arrive for the title. As people wait to see if that rumor pans out, they can pick up these collectables and resume pondering the greatest question the world has ever known: Am I a kid now or am I a squid now?

Splatoon is currently available exclusively on the Nintendo Wii U.

Source: Nintendo