Nintendo Direct Focussing on ‘Splatoon’ Scheduled

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Fans of the Big N have been waiting anxiously in the fallout since the company’s latest Nintendo Direct presentation on April Fools day. After announcing a myriad of new details pertaining to previously announced and existing content – with Lucas’ return to Super Smash Bros. being a prominent reveal – the house of Mario has announced plans for its next video presentation, but this time it’ll focus specifically on one of the most anticipated games arriving on Wii U this year.

After much hype, Nintendo will be pulling even more of the metaphorical curtain off of its new IP, Splatoon. If confirming a handful of new modes and a dedicated line of amiibo for the third-person shooter weren’t already enough, Ninty seems keen on revealing even more details about the colorful, ink-filled world that it has been working so hard on.

The forthcoming Nintendo Direct presentation is officially set to kick off on May 7, 2015 at 7 a.m. PT / 10 a.m. ET. According to Nintendo, the showcase will highlight various new details via the “Squid Research Lab,” which would have a significant amount of additional impact if fans were privy to what exactly this fictitious place of science was. Still, the opportunity to learn even more about Splatoon should be more than enough to peak the interest of any potential customers.

Splatoon screenshot

While the core premise of Splatoon has managed to intrigue many gamers thus far with its sheer uniqueness, it’ll be interesting to get a better glimpse of what awaits players in the final game. With a number of multiplayer modes, a single-player campaign, and character customization already prominent offerings within the title, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what the Big N still has planned for consumers.

One potential option could be to highlight the extent of how split-screen will be involved with the title as a whole. We’ve already confirmed that one user will be able to use the GamePad while the other is locked to the television set, but there could be a greater way to implement this premise into the campaign rather than have it focussed on popping balloons. This is, of course, merely speculation, but it wouldn’t be a surprising revelation if it were to come out as a legitimate feature.

Splatoon is scheduled to arrive exclusively on the Nintendo Wii U on May 29, 2015.

Source: Nintendo Direct