Someone Already Created a ‘Splatoon’ Minecraft Mod

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Want to try Splatoon, Nintendo’s quirky take on third-person shooters, but don’t have a Wii U? Thanks to one dedicated Minecraft player, that won’t be a problem.

Just a week after the official game’s release, streamer and fan SethBling has recreated Splatoon in Minecraft. This isn’t some quick hack, either; SethBling’s version of Splatoon has the same rules, the same classes of weapons, and the same addictive gameplay. Characters even turn into squids while “swimming” through their team’s turf.

In Splatoon, players control hybrid human-squid children named Inklings, who are armed with weapons that shoot brightly colored ink. While Splatoon comes with both a single player campaign and a local multiplayer mode, the core game is the online, eight person multiplayer mode called Turf Wars, in which two teams have three minutes to cover as much of the map in their team’s color as possible. Players can also transform into squids to hide or travel faster, and can upgrade their weapons and gear in a central, vibrant hub world.

Nintendo doesn’t launch new intellectual properties very often, and thankfully, Splatoon has been incredibly successful for Nintendo, topping sales charts in Japan on launch week. SethBling’s Minecraft port isn’t quite as deep as Nintendo’s offering – the hub world, Inkopolis, is missing, players’ arsenals aren’t as expansive, and Splatoon’s fresh style is entirely absent – but the core Splatoon experience? It’s definitely there.

Splatoon Minecraft Mod

In fact, Minecraft Splatoon has one major advantage over its console progenitor: it has voice chat. Splatoon co-director Yusuke Amano decided not to include voice chat in the original title afternegative experiences with other online games. That’s been a controversial decision. The lack of voice chat definitely makes Splatoon a more pleasant and welcoming game, but it’s also a title where teamwork is really important. Sometimes, it’d help to strategize with other players.

Splatoon joins the ever-growing list of games that fans have recreated in Minecraft; last month, a mod called Pixelmon came out that brings a complete Pokemon experience to Mojang’s incredibly popular sandbox title. A little further back, a player named Sneedse used Minecraft’s building tools to recreate Destiny’s Crota’s End.

SethBling’s Splatoon mod is available for free at his website. Simply download the mod, put it on any 1.8 Minecraft server, and invite some friends to play. Like the original Splatoon, the mod is optimized for eight players, although technically there’s no limit.

Splatoon is out now on the Wii U.

Source: SethBling