Nintendo announces that a new weapon called the Custom Hydra Splatling is arriving for Splatoon later today and is also the last gun the company is adding to the game.

Nintendo has a history of surprising the Splatoon fanbase by announcing new content on the day it is set to be released – whether it be new maps, weapons, or upcoming Splatfest events. Today, Nintendo announced a new gun is arriving later today for players to use, but this release is significant as it represents the last weapon the company plans on adding to the game. At this time, Nintendo hasn’t confirmed if this is the last piece of downloadable content they plan on releasing for Splatoon, or it’s just the last weapon it plans on adding.

Known as the Custom Hydra Splatling, the weapon resembles a traditional gatling gun, capable of dishing out lots of paint, but more than likely requiring the player to recharge the tank often. The Custom Hydra Splatling joins the already long list of weapons and content that Nintendo has added to the game since its launch last May, which includes additional game modes, features, and maps as well. It goes without saying that Nintendo has managed to continually improve the game – which is important since many felt it was initially light on content.

What’s more impressive is that once the Custom Hydra Splatling is added, the total arsenal available to players in Splatoon will sit at 74, according to Nintendo. It is worth noting, however, that three of the weapons, Hero Roller Replica, Hero Shot Replica, and Hero Charger Replica, are only available to players through the Splatoon-specific Amiibo figures and the challenges that they unlock. Still, it’s an impressive weapons list giving players a ton of different options.

Splatoon Guns

Many would argue that Nintendo has perfected the post-launch content plan, opting to provide players with a slow drip of content over the course of a number of months rather than release paid content packs. Outside of Splatoon, Super Mario Maker has also been getting its own free updates through new creation items like checkpoints and other helpful improvements. For many players, the most exciting aspect to these free updates comes in the form of mystery mushroom costumes as rewards for completing newly released Event Courses.

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Splatoon is available now, exclusively for the Wii U.

Source: Nintendo of America Twitter