Splatoon 2′s first official post-launch Splatfest has been revealed, starting a condiment war between ketchup and mayonnaise. The announcement was officially made by Nintendo of Europe and later confirmed by a North America PR representative for Nintendo. Don’t stress about getting ready though, fresh Splatoon 2 players. There’s still some time to prepare. The first Splatoon 2 Splatfest won’t arrive until the first weekend of August.

There’s no word yet on which of the new Splatoon 2 squid idols will be representing either mayo or ketchup, but fans can speculate with confidence. In the original announcement, a photo was attached showing each of the condiments — one on each side. If the original Splatoon‘s teaser images are any indication, one idol will always represent the left image and one the right. Since Pearl’s already been established as representing the left, we can assume she’s picked mayo and Marina’s chosen ketchup. This way fans who care more about their favorite idol can pick early too.

Splatoon 2 First Splatfest is Ketchup vs. Mayo - Pearl & Marina

Technically Splatoon 2‘s first Splatfest came prior to launch, a free demo that Nintendo made available the weekend prior to launch. Yet considering the limited nature of the pre-launch Splatfest, which only allowed specific weapons and garnered no progress for players, perhaps it’s best to not count it. Marina may disagree with that, however, as Ice Cream officially defeated Pearl’s Cake in the overall contest (with a staggering 79% to 21% of the vote).

Splatoon 2‘s changed the formula for how Splatfest winners are decided. In the original Splatoon there was a major problem with ties. Two criteria were considered in the original: popular vote, and match wins. More often than not, the more popular a side, the worse it would do in matches. As a result, only 4 of 16 official Splatfests didn’t end tied 1-1. In Splatoon 2, there are now three criteria: popular vote, solo matches, and full team matches. Ice Cream won 2-1 in the pre-launch Splatfest winning both the popular vote and solo fields (solo by just 2%).

For future reference, the time between Splatfests will start around two weeks and progressively increase as the months pass. Three week spans between Splatfests should arrive after just one or two rapid fire launch Splatfests. Then within six months they could be spread by as long as a month or more, focusing on holidays more than routine. Of course, maybe Nintendo will be more dedicated to providing Splatfests with Splatoon 2 on Nintendo Switch than they were with the original Splatoon, but then again Nintendo isn’t known for that kind of thing.

Splatoon 2 is available now exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.

Source: MyNintendoNews