The latest Splatfest was revealed late Friday evening with one of the more obscure themes we’ve seen in Splatoon 2. The next Splatfest will have players fighting over which is the superior eating utensil: forks or spoons?

Splatfests are scheduled events that take place usually over a twenty-four hour period in Splatoon 2 letting players pick and battle over a specific theme. Over that period, opposing sides battle it out in different categories such as solo or team wins and who has the overall popular vote.

The upcoming Splatfest will take place next weekend from August 24th (9PM PT) to August 25th (9PM PT). Players have a week to pick which team they swear allegiance to. As usual, picking a side for the Splatfest will net players a unique shirt with their team on it up until the Splatfest event concludes. The shirt will be automatically equipped during the event’s actual run.

Forks versus spoons is one of the more odd themes we’ve seen since the event’s debut back in the original Splatoon. Last month’s Splatfest had players fighting over which was the superior being: squid or octopus? Even though that theme tied in heavily to the story of June’s Octo Expansion for the game, it was somewhat more mundane having players decide whether they preferred pulp or no pulp in orange juice.

splatfest forks against spoons

We’ve seen quite a few oddball themes take place since Splatoon’s inception back in 2015. While some themes seem rather petty such as June’s feud over orange juice, others will undoubtedly leave players taking the war more seriously. Regardless, this month’s theme either shows that Nintendo is running out of ideas for clever themes or it is just part of a running joke that Splatoon 2 is a game that refuses to take itself too seriously.

We’ll likely continue to see more bizarre themes for Splatfest in the future, some more creative than others. With the Inkling’s inclusion in the upcoming Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, fans should probably look forward to settling the hopefully inevitable “items versus no items” debate.

Splatoon 2 is currently available for Nintendo Switch.