As one of the more successful I.P. to come out of Nintendo in recent memory, Splatoon 2 was clearly going to be a hit upon its release earlier this year. The game has an especially large following in the region it originated from, quickly becoming a favorite amongst gamers residing in the Land of the Rising Sun upon the original’s debut on Wii U. It appears that this passion has carried over to the Switch-only sequel as well, as the title has officially cleared over one million units sold in Japan alone.

There is a bit of a disparity depending on which sales tracking report gamers choose to follow, with Media Create reporting a total of 949,737 physical units sold and Famitsu claiming Splatoon 2 has moved 1,013,842 copies. Regardless, both reports exclude digital sales which are likely to have pushed the Switch game well over the one million mark in Japan.

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Given the wealth of free content that Nintendo has been releasing for the game following its release in late July, it’s likely that the ink-centric shooter will continue to sell well for the house of Mario. Since the Switch has been an incredibly hot commodity in Japan, Splatoon 2 sales are also likely to rise as more and more consumers get their hands on the almost always sold-out system.

As previously mentioned, there is still plenty of free DLC in the works for Splatoon 2 that current and hopeful players can anticipate. All of it acts as a means to provide consumers with a reason to keep revisiting the title long after they’ve purchased it, which in turn will help prolong the shelf life of the game and lead to more sales. While a current accounting of Splatoon 2‘s sales worldwide are currently unknown, selling over one million copies in Japan is a very good start for a piece of software that’s been available for less than a month.

Splatoon 2 is currently available exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

Source: Famitsu (via NintendoEverything)