It’s an exciting day for Splatoon 2 fans, as a slew of news regarding the game’s forthcoming updates has been uncovered. Dataminers from the Wii Sports community team have dug up information that indicate the sequel title will introduce new maps and weapons, which appear to include both brand-new additions and returning classics, as well as cosmetics, game modes, and more.

Reddit user OatmealDome relayed the news on the Splatoon 2 forums, thanking the Wii Sports for conducting the mine and then affirming that they are simply the messenger passing on the data. It should be noted that the information collected contains massive spoilers for Splatoon 2, so those wanting to maintain an untainted gameplay experience should view with caution.

The first section of leaked info covers upcoming maps both old and new. In the game’s 1.1.1 update.Incomplete files for two revamped version of the Kelp Dome and Blackbelly Skatepark from the original Splatoon have been introduced. It’s also been discovered that additional maps called “Line” and “Tunnel” are currently in development. Whether these names are simply placeholders until final titles are decided upon remains unclear. Given that proxy images for new maps titled “Kawa” and “Pillar” are also present, it seems likely that “Line” and “Tunnel” are stand-in names for now.

splatoon 2 maps shifty station

Nintendo is also including testing versions of Shifty Station, the online multiplayer stage available exclusively in Splatfests. In Shifty Station, players spawn on opposite ends, standing on raise platforms that slope to sequentially shorter risers that are linked by ramps. A large open area can be seen to the right, and a small passage connects the map together. The datamine reveals that in the most recent ketchup versus mayo Splatfest, the game downloaded the real Shifty Station stage model and the layout file separately, which explains why existing files contain debugging and testing objects.

Splatoon 2 developers are conducting trials on new Salmon Run stages, currently operating with the internal names “Shakehouse” and “Threepoints.” As with the Kelp Dome and Blackbelly Skatepark maps, files for Shakehouse and Threepoints are bundled in the 1.1.1 update. What’s different is that these are the last two of the four planned Salmon Run stages as of the 1.0.0 version of Splatoon 2.

splatoon 2 new weapons

Off the map news, the datamined information shifts into new Splatoon 2 weapons and reveals that Grizzco-branded weapons were found in the files and appear to be underway. Players can anticipate three additions: a Blaster, which shoots ink out in a firework-like pattern; a Charger, which fires a powerful shot; and a Brella, which is a short-range shotgun that pops out into an umbrella shield.

But that’s not what will hype fans up the most. The discovery of a new weapon type is. Dataminers found that a weapon called the Squeezer will kick off a new classification in Splatoon 2. A fellow Redditor by the name of NEFARIOUS_SQUID posted a full description of the Squeezer, as well as information on the supplementary Foil Squeezer:

“The Squeezer main is a new type of semi-auto shooter where one trigger pull equals one ink shot! Holding down [ZR] won’t provide a steady stream of ink, but spamming the trigger will give you rapid fire with a damage output you’ll dig! Set up a Splash Wall to protect your team, then head for the front lines! The semi-auto style is a great way to control your ink use. Put even far-off foes on notice with the Sting Ray special! If you’ve got confidence in your aim, give this single-shot set a try!

Foil Squeezer: We took a Squeezer, slapped the manufacturer’s logo on it, and the Foil Squeezer was born. BOOM! The main weapon has the action of the original Squeezer, but it now comes with Splat Bombs. So flush ’em out, then take careful aim! Blow up the front lines with the Bubble Blower special, then charge in with your team and take out the opposition! It’s a fairly aggressive set, but the main weapon requires steady aim, making it suited for veteran battlers.”

splatoon 2 octolings
Beyond upcoming maps and weapons, big changes are apparently coming to the game’s Octolings like the fan-favorite Marina. What was previously known as the user’s “gender” in the original Splatoon will be replaced with a parameter called PlayerType. A similar parameter titled ModelType shares the same values and seemingly affects in-game characters. The possible values are SquidGirl, SquidBoy, and Oct. Dataminers found a fourth value named OctBoy in the game’s executable, but models and text for boy Octolings haven’t yet been discovered. In the same vein, it can’t be confirmed at this time whether Octolings will become playable without in-game testing.

If all the leaked information is fully accurate, Splatoon 2 enthusiasts have a mountain of incredible updates to get hyped up about. However, as some fans have noted, the development for version 1.0.0 seems a bit rushed, and it appears that Nintendo left a lot behind (namely the unfinished Marooner’s Bay) despite attempting file clean-ups. Hopefully the company can play catch-up before update 1.1.1 — and all this cool content — rolls out.

Splatoon 2 is available now exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.

Source: Splatoon 2 – Reddit