Is Splash Damage Working on A New Marvel Game?

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Where are all the good Marvel video games at? Remember X-Men Legends and its sequel? Those were awesome. Since then, gamers have been subject to a lengthy series of bad movie tie-ins and an X-Men game that's a decade out of place.

So while DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. feast upon the glowing success that is Batman: Arkham City, a game that's already been nominated for the Game of the Year category of the Spike Video Game Awards, Marvel and their parent company, Disney, simply can't say the same. Are they working to rectify this?

IndustryGamers put up a neat piece on 7 developers that gamers should keep their eye on and included in this list was Splash Damage, the talent behind this year's Brink. Now, Brink was a pretty game that offered a slick presentation, but it wasn't that great and didn't offer enough in terms of gameplay to compete or sell big. Read our Brink review for more on that.

While after the weak release of that game, some feared the worst for Splash Damage, but they instead landed another big project, this one for what IndustryGamers describe as a "American pop culture brands of the last 50 years." They continue to explain that the game's success may depend heavily on the backing of the brand's parent company who they say is looked upon as giving up on the console gaming market.

As Kotaku points out, and a thought that first crossed our minds as well, is that they're referring to Disney. After all, Disney Interactive dumped Propaganda Games and Black Rock Studios this year alone.

Disney owns Marvel and they need to grow it, especially in the video game market where it's nowhere to be found. With such a vast library of characters and stories, there's a lot of untapped potential that's been wasted on Sega's movie tie-ins and the most recent X-Men: Destiny from Silicon Knights, a game which resulted in the dev cutting the majority of its staff.

So, it sure sounds like Splash Damage is working on a Marvel video game but what will it be about? They focused on a first-person multiplayer game with parkour elements in Brink. Does that lend itself to a good Marvel game? With THQ having its tie-in for The Avengers canned, perhaps it could be related since Marvel is looking for video game opportunities for The Avengers, but we hope if that's the case, that's it's not rushed to tie into the movie which is releasing in May.

Marvel does have another MMO in the works as well, so we have that to look forward to for now.


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Souce: IndustryGamers (via Kotaku)

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