The 13 Reveals of the Spike TV Video Game Awards

Spike TV Video Game Awards 2010 - The 13 Reveals of the VGAs

[Update: The 13 reveals of the Spike VGAs is now the 12 reveals of the Spike VGAs. The Gears of War 3 announcement has been postponed to a later date.]

[Update Post VGAs: We did pretty good! Here are the reveals of the show, linked to their trailers: Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Forza Motorsport 4, SSX: Deadly Descent, Portal 2, Prototype 2, Thor: God of Thunder, Resistance 3, Mass Effect 3, Batman: Arkham City, Guillermo Del Toro's Insane, Mortal Kombat and Uncharted 3.]

Tomorrow begins what could be considered the biggest gaming event of the year, the Spike TV Video Game Awards 2010. Thirteen separate reveals for some of the biggest titles of 2011 and beyond. There is an award show in there too, but Spike, publishers and gamers alike know that everyone is tuning in especially for those announcements.

In preparation of the event, here are all of the confirmed, all-but-confirmed and rumored reveals for the event. Altogether, there are  nine titles that are certain to make an appearance, leaving four empty spots left to be filled. Considering what's already been announced, just what could the VGAs be holding up their sleeves?

Tune in to Spike TV tomorrow, Saturday the 10th of December, at 8ET/5PT, or follow our liveblog and coverage of the event here at Game Rant to find out.

Spike TV Video Game Awars 2010 - Batman: Arkham City Reveal

Batman: Arkham City [Status: Confirmed]

The Batman: Arkham Asylum sequel, Arkham City, was actually officially announced during the 2009 Spike VGA awards. Despite that, the game's appearance this year is being billed as Batman: Arkham City's "World Premiere".

The 2009 reveal is actually the only full trailer to be shown for Arkham City yet. Well, full trailer, as a short and unsatisfying teaser was put yesterday, likely to build hype for tomorrow's show. Hopefully tomorrow's show will bring a bout the first full-fledged showing of the game, including gameplay and a greater look at Gotham City itself. Or, even better, a release date that's less vague than late 2011.

Gears of War 3 [Status: Postponed]

What sort of surprise Gears of War 3 might have lined up for the Spike VGAs is tough to speculate on. Originally slated for a an April release, Gears 3 has since been pushed back to later 2011 in order to maximize the 360's holiday season. The change of release date seemingly derailed the game's hype train, as news has slowed to a halt over the past two months.

There were the Kinect rumors, which turned out misplaced, but perhaps the VGAs have news in store that no one has expected. The game's multiplayer has been well described, Clayton Carmine's fate has already been decided, four player coop has been confirmed, and Dom's beard looks ridiculous. What's left to be revealed? Perhaps Cliffy B will announce Gear of War 3's release has been changed back to April?

Portal 2 [Status: Confirmed]

It was only this last week that Game Rant confirmed the presence of Portal 2 at this year's VGA awards. The game has made a prominent showing in the past 2010 events, including E3 and and PAX Prime. Details on the game's cooperative mode and single player have been shared, including an introduction to the AI Wheatley, and the two hugging cooperative robots. What's coming next?

Valve fans might hope for a tie-in to the Half-Life franchise, but would surely settle for some more footage of Chell, Glados or a new personality from the Portal 2 universe. Anything to make the wait until April feel a little less daunting.

Spike TV Video Game Awards 2010 - Uncharted 3 Reveal

Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception [Status: Confirmed]

Drake's Deception was only announced yesterday, though rumors about a VGA Uncharted reveal have been going around for a few weeks. What's been shown? A Rub’ al Khali Desert location and a very morose sounding Drake certainly set the tone fora much darker Uncharted than expected.

Whatever Naughty Dog has lined up for the VGAs, it's certain to be a show stopper. Hell, they could have Nolan North come out and do a jig for thirty minutes and the crowd would go wild. The sequel to 2009's game of the year is almost certain to make waves.

Resistance 3 [Status: Confirmed]

The first look at Resistance 3's gameplay is said to be revealed at tomorrow's Spike VGAs. Up until now the trailers have all shown an extremely awesome live-action portrayal of the Resistance world, but it has only served to feed gamers' interest in gameplay. There's plenty of different screenshots of the game, but enough is enough, right?

Will new protagonist Joseph Capelli, who gamers might remember from the end of Resistance 2 (though he was not named) live up to his predecessor's bad-assery?

Thor [Status: Confirmed]

First things first, check out the brand new Thor trailer, revealed earlier this afternoon. Now consider how Thor will be a playable character in the highly anticipated Marvel vs. Capcom 3. The question, is whether all of the hype is enough to distract fans from the fact that this is a movie tie-in video game. Marvel has insisted that they're done doing, "crappy movie-based games," but the proof is in the pudding. Show us what you've got, Marvel. Persuade us Thor is a game to watch in 2011.

Guillermo Del Toro/THQ  Title [Status: Confirmed]

Almost nothing is known about the game Guillermo Del Toro headed title. Spike TV has confirmed that the game will be making an appearance at this year's VGAs, and that Guillermo himself will be presenting. Expect nothing more than a teaser announcement with no gameplay, but perhaps some concept art. After all, the game isn't expected until 2013 at the earliest.

The few details Guillermo has mentioned about the title are as follows:

"It’s horror, but it’s a very different type of horror game. It’s not survival horror. It’s truly a strange, geeky mix. It’s a Lovecraftian thing. Let’s leave it at that.”"

A horror game that's going to take three years of development, but isn't a survival horror? This title's announcement could be the surprise of the show.

Mass Effect 3 [Status: Unconfirmed; Highly Probable]

What hasn't been said about the upcoming BioWare announcement? A great teaser trailer was released a bit more than three weeks ago, thrusting fans into a frenzy of investigation. The entire trailer was analyzed frame by frame, and eventually it was found that the sniper rifle in the game came directly from the Mass Effect universe. Without Commander Shepard or another familiar face, how could it be said that this was Mass Effect 3?

The first assumption was that this was a first look at a multiplayer Mass Effect title, thought the evidence was lacking. As time went on, the tables turned, and the likelihood of the title being Mass Effect 3 grew. The Russian Sony Twitter proclaimed of the teaser: "... the first shots of Mass Effect 3." Then, just today, the EA Store drops a very inopportune listing for the third Mass Effect game. And no one except for myself seems to remember that BioWare announced they were already working on Mass Effect 3 before Mass Effect 2 was even released, with a highly probably 2011 release date.

Prototype 2 [Status: Unconfirmed; Highly Probable]

While BioWare's teaser certainly had BioWare fans searching for answers, the now well known 'Murder Your Maker' teasers had gamers from multiple franchises scurrying for more information. Was this bald protagonist Agent 47 from Hitman? Were these zombies from Resident Evil? No, and no, unfortunately.

Despite all of the guesswork, the Murder Your Maker teaser site surprised everyone by dropping a very telling trailer, all but confirming Prototype 2. Fans of the franchise had likely already figured out the myriad of teasers, but the trailer set the issue to stone. Rumors are still popping up about Hitman and Resident Evil, but they appear to be unfounded.

Everything Else [Status: Unconfirmed]

That's nine titles confirmed to be "revealed" during tomorrow's Video Game Awards. Nine of thirteen, which means there are still four more big reveals yet to be uncovered. First, let's point out some details that could help in the search, and then list a few games that could be primed and ready for announcements.

  • Sony has been letting slip rumors of an event the day after the VGAs, which will have the official unveiling of an brand new exclusive title. This could be Resistance 3, Uncharted 3, or even Portal 2, since its E3 unveiling for PS3.
  • Unscientific minds, after hours of study, have noticed that almost all of the confirmed reveals are sequels. Could the next four be original titles, the likes of which would likely be much more secretive?
  • That's... um, that's it. Seriously, either the reveals are going to already known games simply being re-revealed, or Spike has done some amazing work protecting their secrets.
  • [New] EA Sports President Peter Moore dropped a quote a few days ago saying that an, "obscure new title," will be announced at the Video Game Awards. Unofficial sources claim this is an SSX title.

On with the almost completely unfounded rumors!

  • SSX: Quite a few rumors about a new SSX game in development. None of them point to the VGAs for a huge reveal, but expect an SSX announcement sometime in the near future either way. [Status: Likely] [Update: Peter Moore's comment on an obscure new title being announced at the Video Game Awards most likely refers to SSX. Upgraded to 'Likely']
  • Battlefield 3: This title's name has been popping up in news lately, and with the upcoming release of Battlefield Bad Company 2: Vietnam a BF3 announcement at the VGAs would be great advertising. Also, purchasers of Medal of Honor's limited edition are probably wondering when they get to use their Battlefield 3 beta keys. [Status: Unconfirmed]
  • Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker/Red Dead Redemption: The logos for each of these games pops up in the latest VGA hype trailer. Excitable fans are hoping for announcements on sequels for either title, but it's more likely they were both used because they're each up for awards at the show. Peace Walker for the Best Handheld Game, and Red Dead Redemption for a variety of awards including Best Game of the Year. [Status: Very Unlikely]
  • Left 4 Dead 3, Resident Evil, Other Zombie Game: These rumors all come from one very specific source, the first teaser image from the Murder Your Maker campaign. Notice the [1/3] portion of the image, and then compare it to the [3/3] image which clearly states Murder Your Maker. [Status: Extremely Unlikely]
  • [New] Saints Row 3: Behind closed doors at E3 earlier this year, Executive Producer at THQ games talked Saints Row 3. Unwilling to reveal any details at the time, Danny insisted the full Saints Row 3 reveal would be rolled out, "in December."

    “Most of these deals are already in place. I believe we’re going to announce this at the Spike awards in December."

    But Danny also talks about Saints Row books, a card game, and a live-action flick, all of which haven't exactly materialized.  A simple teaser certainly shouldn't be too hard for the Saints Row 3 team to throw out, but given Danny's belief in a full-on media frenzy built around the game it's doubtful an announcement would be made without some sort of build-up. [Status: Unlikely]

There's all of the rumors I've been able to find, Ranters! Expect like coverage of the Spike VGAs beginning around 7:55 ET starting tomorrow evening, including a live blog and full news stories as they break!

If you have any epic rumors for us to analyze, drop me a message on Twitter at @bluexy or @GameRant. Make sure and leave a comment here about which game you're the most excited about.

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