Spike TV Video Game Awards 2010 Live Blog

Spike TV Video Game Awards - Live Blog

The Spike TV Video Game Awards are here!

7:00 - That's it! Thanks everyone for sticking around through our coverage. Make sure to stick with Game Rant as we post all of the trailers from today's show along with analysis that you won't find anywhere else.

6:58 - Game of the Year is... Red Dead Redemption! "What a way to end my hosting career," says NPH.

6:55 - It's time for Uncharted! World premiere! Drake is reading a quote we've already had posted in our Uncharted 3 story secrets unveiled post! "It means be careful what you wish for, it might just get you." Drake is stranded in the desert, following a plane crash. 11/1/11!

6:54 - Character of the Year award goes to ... Sgt. Woods of Call of Duty: Black Ops. Wow. John Marston got robbed. Hell, even Ezio.

6:51 - Commercial break! We're just waiting on Uncharted now! Oh, and Game of the Year too.

6:47 - New World Premier! SSX: Deadly Decent! Hey, we have a rumor article about that! Also, didn't they already reveal this? It's no SSX: Tricky... very dark and serious tone. Snowboarder looks like that skull mask guy from Modern Warfare 2.

6:44 - Nathan Fillion! Introducing the Game of the Year nomination for Halo: Reach. Live violin player in the background while a trailer plays.

6:42 - A joke TMZ chasing video game characters reel. "Who are you gonna hurt with a needler." Ha. "The Pac Man divorce is getting ugly."

6:38 - I think we're at 11 reveals so far? Batman, Portal 2, Resistance 3, Thor, Guillermo, Mass Effect 3, Prototype 2, Elder Scrolls, Forza, Mortal Kombat, SSX?

6:38 - Commercial break! "My hands are full of juicy premium chicken." Enough already! CoD:BLOPS trailer... err, for the Jeep Special CoD:BLOPS Edition.

6:36 - Clip of dudes driving a fast care with VGA painted on the side. Forza Motersport 4! World Premiere trailer!  Lots of live action footage. A very nice looking in-game car. Fall 2011.


6:31 - Next nominee of for Best Game of the Year: Red Dead Redemption. They've got a live show, Jose Gonzales playing one of the songs from the game. Really, a very cool bit... almost emotional.

6:27 - Whoa whoa whoa, they just rushed through a bunch of awards. Here's what I got: Best RPG - Mass Effect 2, Best Music Game - Rock Band 3, Best Soundtrack - DJ Hero 2, Best Driving Game - Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, Best Adapted Game - Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.

6:25 - NPH plays the piano while a real of game characters die on the screen in the background. NBA Elite... 2010 through 2010. Hahahah.

Portal 2 - Spike VGAs World Premiere

6:22 - World Premiere of Portal 2, and winner of Most Anticipated Title of 2011! It's a full CG trailer featuring the co-op robots, showing a little bit of their personality.

6:20 - Best Independent Game is... Limbo! They really rushed this category.

6:18 - Guillermo Del Toro has taken the stage! He's cussing up a storm. "I was born with a controller in one hand, and a chicken quesadilla in the other. That's why I'm in such good shape." "Just a tiny little taste of 'The Craziness'. Title is Insane.

6:17 - NPH Angry Birds Live! Real birds, real pigs. "PETA called, shut it down." "The Oscar's would have let me do it."

6:11 - Commercial break! Guillermo Del Toro after the ads! Commercials for Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood and World of Warcraft: Cataclysm.

6:10 - Tony Hawk is on stage with a world premiere! Prototype 2! "When I returned from the war overseas... I had lost everything." "I will destroy Alex Mercer". Oh my. Destroy Your Maker!

6:09 - Spider-Man is ribbing Neil Patrick Harris about his voice acting. It's actually pretty funny! More of this. :D

6:07 - Neil Patrick Harris. "How unexpected!" Yup, go VGAs!

6:07 - I have to mention that each of the presenters are getting more and more embarrassed reading off the jokes Spike has written up for them.

6:06 - Best Portrayal by a Human Male Award goes to...

6:04 - Sgt. Woods Character of the Year reel. Custom made again! "Woods, you need some more friends in Treyarch's art team!" He jumped off a helicopter looking all beat up.

6:01 - God of War 3 reel for its Game of the Year nomination... being introduced by Hades and Kratos! Really cool augmented reality stuff going on. Well, it was cool at first... Now the full trailer.

5:58 - Commercial break!

5:53 - John Marston Best Character reel. Unlike the previous characters, which each had a custom video talking to the audience, this is just footage from an old Red Dead Redemption trailer.

5:52 - Next world premiere! It's Resistance 3! It's another live action trailer., interspersed with gameplay. All gameplay now. Huge monsters attacking a boat, which is carrying our protagonist. Live action again... protagonist picks up a huge hammer. Five Chimera bear down on him... footage cuts. Looks great!

5:51 - Jokes! Olivia Munn locked Neil in his dressing room. VIDEO GAMES!

5:50 - In other news, Cliffy B just got his order of sliders and tots:

"SLIDERS and tots just appeared! Mmmm..."

5:49 - Call of Duty: Black Ops!

5:49 - Best Shooter Award goes to...

5:48 - Cast of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is out. "I'm DeVito, I'm gonna read the teleprompter."

5:47 - A Homefront commercial just ran. It looks like it deserved a spot in the show. Really excited for the game's story.

5:46 - Geoff Keighley just tweeted:

"Mass Effect 3 announced and coming Holiday 2011."

5:43 - They only briefly showed Man-Shep looking down on a burning Earth from space. He turns and walks towards the screen, flashing the N7 logo. No release date, sadly.

5:42 - World premiere! BioWare's next game."Don't know what they are, what they want, or where they came from." "If Shepard doesn't bring help soon... There won't be an Earth left to save." Mass Effect 3!

5:40 - Ah, never mind. It's just the real for Mass Effect 2's Game of the Year nomination. Damnit! Not that Mass Effect 2 is amazing, it's just... Mass Effect 3 news please.

5:39 - Time for some Mass Effect news!

5:37 - Just confirmed I missed SSX being announced? Somebody able to post the details in the comments?

5:35 - Cliffy B is having seizures, via Twitter:

"I'm about to froth over into an epileptic fit from these lights. #VGAs"

5:34 - Denise Richards reading off cue cards! "Give it up for My Chemical Romance!"

5:31 - Summing up what we have seen so far: Batman: Arkham City with Hugo Strange; Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim reveal; and a gameplay trailer for Thor: God of Thunder.

5:29 - Am I the only one still thinking about SKYRIM? Elder Scrolls 5... oh my, 2011. Next year may be the best year for gaming ever. Commercial break!

5:29 - Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood!

5:27 - Best Action Adventure Game goes to...

5:26 - World premiere for Thor: God of Thunder! Third person action game. Looks a lot like a God of War style combat system. Lots of fire demons. Damn, that hammer looks dangerous.

5:24 - Character of the year: Kratos' introduction. Kratos is on a bed without three scantily clad ladies. Now he's throwing around the cameraman. Hahah, such an angry dude! "I was a God!"

5:23 - Mortal Kombat trailer, but "only on PS3"! Scorpion and Sub Zero fighting, and Kratos comes out of nowhere. Exciting!

5:22 - Neil is reading off some dirty game titles. Jokes.

5:21 - 11-11-11 - Skyrim. Oh. Sweet. Love.

5:21 - Elder Scrolls!

5:20 - Back from commercial break. Looks like another reveal. Lots of dudes in robes, with mountains in the background. Introducing Todd Howard. Bethesda!

5:14 - First character is Ezio, from Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood. He comes up onscreen and makes his case. Should be interesting to see the the other characters throughout the night.

5:13 - And out walks Dane cook. Improper Mario joke, Dane! You're out of line! Dane will be doing the Character of the Year. Going one by one throughout the night.

5:12 - BioWare! Congratulations, BioWare.

5:11 - Award for Studio of the year goes to...

5:09 - The first reveal is for Batman: Arkham City! A "doctor" is interrogating a mercenary, interchanged with Batman kicking ass. "Who sent you?" "Huge Strange." It's Hugo Strange! "I know you are... Bruce Wayne." Yes! Bring this game on!

5:07 - Time for a world premiere!

5:06 - Pulling out a live-action recreation of the Call of Duty: Black Ops introduction. Neil sitting in a torture chair. This is the first nominee for the Game of the Year award. They'll be doing exciting things for each of the nominees, it looks like.

5:05 - Showing off a cool set feature with, "augmented reality." Kind of a faux-hologram kind of deal. The VGA logo is bouncing all over the place. We'll see what they use this for later, I'm sure.

5:03 - "Think about how far we've come." ... "The Kinect!" Oh my.

5:02 - Crowd was remarkably silent.

5:01 - Neil Patrick Harris, "WTF is this, the Tony's?" He then proceeds to shoot all of the dancers. Oh my.

5:00 - A song and dance. Oh my, here we go...

5:00 - The show is starting!

4:48 - These short red carpet shots are coming during UFC commercial breaks, by the way. That's why there's only one or two updates every few minutes.

4:47 - Geoff again, now with Olivia Munn. She'll be presenting Best Studio of the year.

"I'm not the best gamer."

4:42 - Anyone familiar with anything Denise Richards has done in video games? The World is Not Enough video game?

4:38 - Geoff Keighley hanging with Denise Richards on the red carpet. Loved her in Starship Troopers. She'll be presenting ... and revealing something secret? How distracting.

4:34 - More UFC submission stuff before the show begins. How about grabbing some popcorn? A Dr. Pepper? Comfort food before the video games begin? How about a quick round of Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood?

4:28 - Tony Hawk just jumped out and announced that he would be announcing a new game, in addition to dropping the name of Tony Hawk: Shred. What's Tony Hawk hiding!?


The Spike TV Video Game Awards are here! Well, almost. Starting at 5PM PST / 8PM EST, the Awards and the 12 game reveals that come with it are sure to be the highlight of many gamers' holiday season.

Before preshow starts, here are some of the main plot points to look forward to this evening:

And hopefully much, much more! Also, video game awards and celebrities! Feel free to drop questions or thoughts in the comments below!

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