SPIKE TV VGAs Promise ‘A PS3 Exclusive You Won’t Believe’

Geoff Keighley tweeted a picture of the SPIKE TV Video Game Awards billboard in Times Square, hinting there was world premiere news on it. In his excitement he didn’t think to check the photo before sending because it's major blurry. However, someone with eagle-like vision read and relayed the news back to Keighley who confirmed it read “a PS3 exclusive you won’t believe.”

Strong claim, but unfortunately for Keighley and Spike TV, we probably will believe. In this age news travels fast and the VGA audience already has a pretty good idea of what this exclusive might be -- the ones hip to recent news, anyway.

After postings on job boards started to surface for the next God of War, rumors began flying that the forth installment in the series was just around the corner. While Sony seems to flatly deny it, most are skeptical.

There's also a Sony fighter in the works that fans have dubbed Sony Smash Brothers due to the many similarities with the Nintendo franchise. Lately details have been gathering on the game with screenshots from inside the studio and even a name, Title Fight. If this turns out to be the exclusive, then we at Game Rant have some ideas of what we'll be expecting from it.

If you’re the gambling type, I suggest you put your money on God of War 4. It’s most likely deeper in development than Title Fight and inherently comes with a greater hype factor, something the VGA producers know appeals to viewers. Of course, Sony could be throwing viewers a complete curveball like, say, announcing another Ape Escape or Guitaroo Man (fingers crossed). So, readers, what do you think this big announcement could be? Something unexpected, or old news?

Stay tuned for this shocking (maybe) announcement when the Video Game Awards air December 10 on SPIKE TV.


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Source: @geoffkeighley [via CVG]

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