Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions

According to what we know, the Tablet of Order and Chaos has been shattered. Oh yeah… that Tablet… Now Spider-Man must find the pieces or something and do a special dance over the tablets in order to restore reality to what it once was. All in all, it sounds like a perfectly flimsy yet typical video-game storyline.

That’s not what everyone cares about though, is it? You all want to know if this game is g0ing to make you feel like Spider-Man or not. Well, the new HD gameplay trailer for Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions should give you more of a clue than the original trailer did.

Here, check it out:


Nice, right? From what we can discern, this video still features the two revealed universes — that of regular Spidey and Noir Spider-Man. We have yet to see Spider-Man 2099 or Symbiotic Spidey portrayed or even confirmed (even though Gamestop virtually confirmed it).

The fighting moves look typical for a Spider-Man game with lots of simultaneous jumping and punching, but there are some new things that I haven’t seen before. Spider-Man seems to be able to make large blunt objects out of his webbing in order to more quickly dispatch foes, which is odd. Also, it seems he has the ability to affix baddies to walls, which is pretty cool.

The levels are more interesting, especially the regular Spider-Man one where he is leaping and zipping around what appears to be a large temple, a la Indiana Jones. The level is beautiful and looks like it will be a blast to play, if not just to be able to control Spidey in a totally new and unique environment. The Spider-Man Noir level is dark and shadowed and further confirms that there will be a large element of stealth in this part of the game. Just watch Spidey grab an unsuspecting bad guy and pull him into the shadows, so intense.

Also, two bosses are shown which look like The Lizard and Hammerhead.

Finally, the music is quite the sweet cover of the Spider-Man theme sung by what sounds like Steven Tyler.

What do you think about this footage? Does it change your opinion of the game? Are you more or less likely to buy Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions?

Spidey is set for release starting September 2010 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, and DS.

Source: CVG