Spider-Man Gameplay Demo Shows Off Open World and Web Slinging Combat

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After surprising fans with news that Insomniac Games was creating a brand new Spider-Man game for the PlayStation 4 last year at E3, the studio went completely silent on the title. Without much to go on, fans began speculating on everything from why Spidey is wearing a new suit to whether or not the game is somehow connected to the upcoming movie. Thankfully, after a longer than expected wait, Sony and Insomniac have finally pulled the curtain back on the anticipated superhero game, giving fans their first real look during Sony's E3 2017 press conference.

In the world premier gameplay footage, the webslinger is at a construction site taking down some thugs under Wilson Fisk, also known as The Kingpin. At first, Spider-Man opts for a stealth approach, taking thugs down from the shadows and utilizing web-based traps. Once combat does open up, the animations are incredibly fluid, almost appearing to resemble the combat mechanics in the Batman Arkham games.

After a short boss fight, Spidey is shown sprinting up the side of the building, where a foe named Martin Lee awaits. Though he ultimately escapes in a helicopter, a chase ensues, revealing the existence of quick time events and a large open world for players to web sling around in. After a thrilling end to the chase and the helicopter webbed up, the final segment of the gameplay quickly teases the addition of fellow Spider-Man, Miles Morales, as well.

For fans hoping to see a release date sometime this year, the trailer unfortunately ends with a simple 2018 release window.

Earlier this year at the annual DICE Summit, Marvel Games Creative Director, Bill Rosemann, revealed that the teams at Insomniac, Sony, and Marvel were driven to show players why this character is so compelling and awesome. Based on the initial footage, it appears that the developers have managed to do just that as Spidey retains his trademark witty banter and acrobatic flair.

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After all this time, what did you think of the reveal? Let us know in the comments below.

Spider-Man launches in 2018 exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

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