Spider-Man PS4 Trailer Reveals Peter Parker Gameplay


With the Batman Arkham series wrapped up and in the past, comic book fans have been anxiously waiting for the next big super-hero action game to arrive. Although it's still running a bit behind schedule, Insomniac's PS4-exclusive Spider-Man title looks like it is ready to deliver in a big way when it does arrive.

Sony's Paris Games Week has kicked off with a bang and the show didn't waste any time getting right to what is arguably the PS4's most exciting upcoming exclusive game. Spider-Man was originally slated for 2017, but the game has since been delayed. The latest trailer, which focuses mostly on cinematics, but does include a few moments of gameplay, suggests that the title will be well worth the long wait.

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There's a lot to take in from this teaser, but one of the most exciting things for comic book fans may be further confirmation of Miles Morales. We knew the Ultimate universe Spider-Man would be making an appearance in the game, but so far the nature of his role has been kept under wraps. Hopefully the fan-favorite character has a large role to play - and maybe even suits up at some point in the game.

This trailer also reveals a lot of new plot details and shows us where Peter and his alter-ego are at the beginning of the game's events. The story is intriguing and it's exciting to not be dealing with another Spidey origin story.

The end of the trailer brings some brief moments of gameplay, which all looked impressive, as well. We're looking forward to getting hands-on with this game and seeing how the stealth, web-slinging, and combat all feel first-hand.

Spider-Man releases in 2018, exclusively for the PS4.

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