Sony has already shared more gameplay footage of Marvel’s Spider-Man from Insomniac Games at E3 2018 than has been seen prior, but why not more? In addition to the lengthy gameplay demo shown during the PlayStation E3 2018 press conference, Sony has now also released gameplay footage from thedemo it’s showing on the E3 show-floor. Sony released a lot of footage, as a matter of fact. There are over 10 minutes of gameplay video, culminating in a boss fight against Shocker.

About five minutes of the video is dedicated to the Spider-Man Shocker boss fight and it really shows Insomniac’s savviness when it comes to encounter design. The fight’s multiple stages challenge the player to use all of the tools available to them in increasingly challenging ways.

First, it’s just about dodging attacks and counter-punching. In the second phase, it adds in doing everything from the first phase while also being forced to web-sling around the room — demanding experimentation with verticality. Then finally, it amps up the speed of the first two phases while also demanding much more on-point positioning and timing. And Shocker’s just some shlub! Imagine facing off against a really terrifying villain from Spidey’s rogues gallery.

The Shocker encounter seems perfectly suited to introducing players to the core mechanics of Spider-Man, which was clearly Insomniac’s intent. And then there are five other minutes of gameplay footage to enjoy in addition to the Shocker fight.

Admittedly, despite being over 10 minutes long the video isn’t the entirety of the Spider-Man demo being shown on the E3 show floor. Several edits in the video show where the video has been cut to get to the action a little bit faster. For impressions on the whole demo, as well as perspective on just how it feels to web-sling, Game Rant has a hands-on preview of this demo available to read.

It makes a lot of sense why Sony would be so open to showing more of Spider-Man at E3 2018 and that’s because it’s the only one of the four major PlayStation exclusives being shown that’s confirmed for release in 2018. And it’s releasing in September of all months, too. Spider-Man has to be near to completion, so Sony probably had access to as much footage as it wanted. And soon, so will everyone else.

Spider-Man releases on September 7 exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

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