Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions, is that Symbiotic Spidey?

Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions

Thanks to the release of the Spider-Man: Shattered Dimension box-art we now know the face of the fourth Spider-Man. The only problem is that's all we know.  Nothing has been revealed about which dimension he comes from or his abilities.

As of now, this Spidey doesn't come with his own trailer showing off his fighting styles or revealing background info like the other Spider-Men. From the looks of it, it would appear that he is Symbiotic Spider-Man, a discovery our writer Evan found months ago, first encountered in the Secret Wars era in Marvel Comics. Of course, it could also be regular ol' Peter Parker rocking the black Spidey outfit that mimics the Symbiotic suit's appearance. Peter frequently switches to the black spidey outfit in the comics when going on missions that require slight espionage.

My personal best guess is that this could be an alternate reality Spider-Man where he decides to stay fused with the Symbiote after finding out it's malicious intent, eventually permanently falling to the dark side. The only problem with that theory is if he never separated from the alien Symbiote then that would mean the Symbiote would never fuse with Eddie Brock! The result would be no Venom, and a Spidey with no Venom is like a Batman with no Joker.

The other three Spideys that we do know of are: Spider-Man 2099, a Spider-Man from the future, Spider-Man (616) the original friendly neighborhood spider-man that we all know and love, and finally Spider-Man Noir, a steam-punk-esque spidey from the era of the great depression. Although we only know the face of the fourth Spidey, it's most likely that worth while information will be revealed about him at next weeks Comic-Con 2010, which we will be sure to have an abundant amount of coverage on.

So who do you guys believe is the fourth Spider-Man? Is that the Symbiotic Spider-Man Evan prophesied after Game Stop released a secret Cosmic-Spidey pre-order skin image? Who else could it be?

Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions is set to release September 7th.

box art of Spider man Shattered Dimension

Source: G4

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