At E3 2017, Sony put the spotlight on Insomniac’s upcoming PS4 exclusive Spider-Man game in a big way, selecting it as the title to close out its show. The response to Spider-Man‘s E3 demo seems to have been mostly positive, though some fans have been confused about the game’s villain, with some even mistaking him as a brand new character made specifically for the game. On the contrary, Spider-Man‘s villain has been a part of the comics for a decade now, and his name is Mister Negative.

It’s easy to forgive fans for not recognizing Mister Negative in Spider-Man‘s extended gameplay demo at E3. After all, his appearance in Spider-Man will mark the first time he’s been in a video game, though past Spider-Man games have mentioned him in passing. Besides occasional references to Mister Negative in other Spider-Man video games and one minor appearance in the Ultimate Spider-Man TV show, the character has not strayed far from his comic book origins.

Considering this, it’s not surprising that Mister Negative left some fans scratching their heads. For those that aren’t familiar with the character, Mister Negative is really two characters in one. When he’s not terrorizing New York City as Mister Negative, he takes on the role of Martin Li, a benevolent man that runs a soup kitchen called F.E.A.S.T. As Mister Negative, Li commits various crimes with the help of his henchmen known as the Inner Demons.

Mister Negative has a variety of superhuman abilities at his disposal to aid him in his battles against Spider-Man. Most notably, Negative can “corrupt” anyone he touches, turning them evil. At the end of Spider-Man‘s E3 2017 gameplay demo, we see Mister Negative grab Spider-Man, which could be a hint that Spider-Man himself will be corrupted at some point during the game’s narrative.

Overall, Insomniac’s choice to use a relatively obscure villain from Spider-Man’s rogues gallery should help the game feel fresh and unique compared to the many other games that have been released starring the Web Slinger. However, Insomniac also plans on using some classic villains, so even though Mister Negative appears to play a major role in the game, it’s possible more recognizable faces like Green Goblin and Dr. Octopus will show up as well.

Spider-Man will launch in 2018, exclusively for PlayStation 4.