Insomniac’s Spider-Man game looked fantastic in its E3 2017 gameplay trailer, with Spidey beating up bad guys and saving New York City from total destruction in the process. But Insomniac Games now promises that the game will somehow improve its graphics when it launches as a PS4 exclusive next year.

Speaking during the PlayStation Live stream, Spider-Man‘s creative director Brian Intihar revealed that the game is going to “look even better” at launch. Comparing this year’s gameplay trailer to the amazing Spider-Man reveal trailer from last year, the developer explained that “you’re seeing improvements across the board.”

Although Spider-Man “looks great” on a standard PS4 console, the game will look particularly good for those playing the game on PS4 Pro, Intihar said. Insomniac Games is promising HDR support for Spider-Man on the PS4 Pro. This should ensure that the comic book hero looks phenomenal in his famous red and blue and that the new adventure, which Insomniac has described as its “own” world, also looks pretty great.

As the developer is showing off the game on a PS4 Pro in 4K, it’s difficult to gauge exactly where the game is right now in terms of standard PS4 graphics. While the God of War gameplay trailer used a standard PS4 during the Sony E3 2017 press conference, that game is just a very large world instead of being open-world. As Spider-Man will be open-world, with Insomniac planning to include all of the Manhattan boroughs, it may not be so confident in showing off its giant map on a lesser-powered console at this point in development.

In any case, the developer has a year or so to make sure that the game is picture perfect and to gift fans with the brilliant current-generation Spider-Man game that they have been asking for. The deliver will show off the “awesome” side of Spider-Man, bring back existing characters, tell an all new story for the famous hero, and it will even give players a chance to play as Peter Parker (the man behind the mask) too.

If that doesn’t sound like a seriously solid game then it’s unclear what is. Now it’s time to look forward to Insomniac showing off more of the game and its development progress in the coming weeks and months.

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is releasing in 2018 as an exclusive on PS4.