As the anchor of Sony’s E3 2017 presentation this year, expectations for Insomniac Games’ upcoming Spider-Man will undoubtedly be even higher than they were before it was the star of an event dedicated to the future of the PS4. The fact that Spider-Man is a PS4 exclusive makes it a crucial part of Sony’s games lineup, something that is expected to drive the divide between PS4 and Xbox One sales even wider heading into 2018. Add to that the reputation of its developer, Insomniac Games, as one of the most creative and fun studios making games today, and there’s a real chance Spider-Man can be a game of the year contender in 2018.

Part of the selling point on a superhero like Spider-Man making the leap from other multimedia representations to video games is the hero’s mobility, something that has been make-or-break for previous attempts at Spider-Man titles in the past. That mobility, however, can sometimes come at a price, as it was revealed Spider-Man won’t be 1080p 60 FPS on PS4 Pro despite that console’s processing power. However, a recent analysis done by experts Digital Foundry has uncovered a game that appears to gain significant graphical edges when played on the PS4 Pro regardless.

The video above provides an incredibly detailed analysis of what kind of graphical takeaways can be made from Sony’s E3 2017 demonstration of Spider-Man on the PS4 Pro. Essentially, however, the biggest news stemming from this is that temporal injection, a process used to simulate 4K, appears to hold up extremely well even during action sequences, and the CG-like aesthetic that Insomniac Games has favored for Spider-Man will help that simulation be integrated as seamlessly as possible. The fidelity of the rendering in Spider-Man is also such that there will be less visual discrepancies between cutscenes, QTEs, and actual gameplay – essentially, the graphics will remain excellent throughout each iteration of Spider-Man‘s gameplay experience.

While a lot of this analysis has been done by observing the trailer without being able to actually play the game on a PS4 Pro themselves, Digital Foundry are trusted experts on graphics in video games and their opinion holds a lot of weight. Keeping in mind that we still need to see footage of the game on a regular PS4, that Digital Foundry’s takeaway from Spider-Man is positive is a big deal for Sony and Insomniac Games, too – expectations are so high for the title that Sony believes Spider-Man could get PS4 sales to 100 million in 2018, and scoring well in aesthetics and gameplay fluidity early on will certainly help.

Spider-Man releases in 2018 as a PS4 exclusive.

Source: YouTube