Details surrounding Insomniac’s hotly-anticipated Spider-Man continue to trickle out now that Game Informer has released a small taste of the info contained in its full reveal coming later this month. The highlight of this sampling has to be the game’s official release date, but its not the only tidbit worth chewing on.

Game Informer got the ball rolling yesterday when it released a brief teaser trailer for its forthcoming coverage of the game. The teaser didn’t show much of anything that wasn’t already known about or expected from Spider-Man, but the fluidity of movement on display demands its audience’s attention nonetheless. It looks good, better than good considering that it’s being displayed at a traditional 30FPS. Those thinking that they’ll get an even smoother experience on the PS4 Pro are going to be in for some disappointment, however.

In Game Informer’s Rapid-Fire interview with the game’s creative director, Brian Intihar, it was revealed that Spider-Man will be locked at 30FPS on both PS4 and PS4 Pro. As this was a Rapid-Fire interview, no explanation was given. However, Intihar also mentioned later on that the game will be quite large, “several times larger” than Insomniac’s last open-world action/adventure game, Sunset Overdrive. PS4 Pro users won’t be completely left out in the cold though, as Intihar did mention that the game will look and perform “a little better” on Sony’s premium console.


A few other morsels of Spider-Man knowledge have come to light alongside this. There will be plenty of different suits to unlock, including Spidey’s classic suit. Insomniac does plan on supporting the game post-release, starting with a content pack “The City That Never Sleeps.” It seems that the developer will be sticking with traditional DLC when adding on to the game post-release.  When asked in the interview whether or not Spider-Man will have microtransactions, Intihar answered with a definitive “hell no.”

Sony already has a great track record of offering quality first-party exclusives for its PS4 system and, now that Insomniac has announced that Spider-Man will remain PS4-exclusive, there’s a good chance that they’ll have another hit on their hands when the game launches later this fall. The lack of a 60FPS option has to sting a little for PS4 Pro owners, but if Spider-Man actually delivers the experience it’s promising, then it’ll probably be a sting that’s quickly and easily forgotten.

Spider-Man launches exclusively for PlayStation 4 on September 7.

Source: VG24/7