Spider-Man and Peter Parker don’t usually have full control of their lives, as they are often stuck in a jumble that can’t be solved through brute force or apologies more often than they would like. Whether it’s trying to attend university and keep up with his studies or suddenly don his costume and perform acts of heroism, Peter’s choices can weigh heavily on him when he has to constantly try to maintain the balance. According to the developers, Spider-Man’s internal struggle is going to be a titular focus of the game as he enters a crucial point in his adult life,

Game Informer’s exclusive coverage of the game for the month of April has brought various gameplay aspects to light, such as how the web slinging works. More news continues to surface, and now the developers unveil that they are extremely pleased to bring a perspective on Spider-Man that feels new but is also familiar, as he comes to understand he won’t ever truly reach a state of peace.

Insomniac’s upcoming story will feature a grown Peter Parker that is a veteran Spider-Man, fine-tuned in combat, but also almost a novice adult who’s still trying to make his way in the world despite graduating from university. Creative director Bryan Intihar says:

“He’s on the verge of becoming an adult, and he’s dealing with a lot of the things people at that age dealing with – student loans, trying to start a career, struggling with money – any number of things.”

Lead writer Jon Paquette also remarks on the way Peter’s development will be portrayed throughout the story, either by changes in clothing or how the civilians of New York react to him. Some civilians will see him as a menace, while others see him as a hero and want to take selfies with him. The timespan of the story will also be a few weeks in October, to give players of a sense of time.

Spider-Man details on Peter

Peter’s signature quippy humor is set to come full force, as co-writer Christos Gage remarks that he’s had to write about a thousand one-liners for Spider-Man. The script for the story is also about the length of a 3,333-page novel according to lead writer Jon Paquette. What players can’t expect from Spidey’s humor is the f-word or the word “balls,” which Paquette remarks that Marvel’s executive creative director, Bill Rosemann, is vehemently opposed to. Overall, the writers are focusing heavily on the humor aspect as much as Spidey’s gadgets.

Although there is still no word on whether or not Mary Jane will have superpowers, the writers emphasized that they are focusing heavily on the duality of Peter’s nature to create a robust and original story for longtime fans. So although he is a veteran Spider, this is more of a coming of age story for Peter Parker.

Spider-Man will release for the PS4 on September 7, 2018.

Source: Game Informer