Spider-Man PS4 Open World Map Revealed

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Many fans are eagerly waiting to get their hands on Spider-Man for PlayStation 4 later this year. In the meantime, Insomniac Games has revealed various details about the upcoming game, such as what villains players can expect to encounter, which suits Spider Man will be able to wear, and even another gameplay trailer for the game at E3 this year. Very recently, in addition to all these details, a video that shows off the game's open world map has started circulating the internet.

A YouTube video by Caboose shows some footage of Spider-Man swinging through the streets of New York, and even though this is only a demo of the game, the map already looks vast. Caboose on YouTube reveals even more details of the map though, by referring to a video that he sourced off Reddit.

The Reddit video shows the entire Spider Man map in third-person perspective, and it reveals a central city area, a small island below the central area, and two huge areas on either side of the city that is linked to the city by bridges. Caboose points out though that he does not think that Spider Man will be able to visit the two areas across the bridges, but despite that, the map still remains unbelievably big.

As Insomniac has also indicated with the inclusion of the Iron Spider Suit, the New York that Spider Man is set in is the New York from the Avengers universe. The video shows the Avengers Tower easter egg that Insomniac has included in the game, which indicates that we are in fact in the Marvel universe. The Avengers Tower in the game  is slightly different in design from the Avengers Tower that we see in the Avengers films though, but it is nevertheless great to see in this game.

As more and more footage of the game is being released, it is clear that the release date in September cannot come fast enough. The Spider Man video game franchise has been a fan-favorite for decades, and this newest instalment of the game will surely not disappoint.

Spider-Man is set to launch on September 7, 2018 for PlayStation 4.

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