Spider-Man has changed quite a bit since he debuted in the 60s, and so has his bag of tricks. In recent iterations, Peter Parker is packing much more than his standard web-shooter, and the upcoming Spider-Man title for PS4 is reflecting that by including all manner of gadgets for players to mess around with.

An assortment of gadgets will be featured in Spider-Man, which players will be able to upgrade as they progress through the game. Game Informer has been getting a lot of hands-on time with the title and recently opened up about a few of the tools the web-slinger will have at his disposal.


First up is the tripwire, which can be placed on either a wall or an enemy. If placed on a wall, it will shoot out and snag whoever walks by it, pulling them back and wrapping them up in webbing. When attached to an enemy, it will latch onto another nearby enemy, slam them together, and bundle them up. It’s effective for a more hands-off approach when players want to stay hidden. The tripwire will also automatically activate if Spidey gets carried away and knocks some hapless thug off a rooftop.

The second gadget is the web bomb and is somewhat self-explanatory, functioning like a grenade. Tossing one out will make it explode, webbing up any nearby enemies. This will incapacitate them for a short while, giving players more time to plan their next move or simply take them all out more easily. The web bomb will be helpful in getting out of sticky situations (or creating them) and can be upgraded to extend the duration it holds enemies.

The final device in the showcase is the Spider-Drone. It flies through the air and automatically shoots out webs at enemies, either to incapacitate or distract them. It will be available as a pre-order bonus for those who purchase early, but Insomniac has stressed that the gadget can still be acquired in the game, even by players who didn’t pre-order.

Those who are looking to pre-order, might want to take a gander at the game’s collector’s edition, which is packed with some very enticing goodies. This edition includes a mini artbook, custom steelbook case, white spider sticker, and a statue by Gentle Giant. Additionally, it will include post-launch DLC, which consists of three new story chapters that add new missions, new characters, new villains, and new outfits for Spider-Man.

As for what’s next for the wall-crawler, the game’s creative director, Bryan Intihar, hopes to see Spider-man in Kingdom Hearts at some point. He revealed this longstanding wish during a rapid-fire Q&A session with Game Informer, while adding that seeing protagonist Sora dressed as Spider-Man would be awesome.

Source: Game Informer