Spider-Man PS4 Exclusive Game Will Release in 2017, Says Marvel VP

Spider-Man in 2017 Says Marvel

Insominac Games' Spider-Man is planned for 2017 according to VP and Executive Editor of Marvel Digital Media Ryan Penagos. Penagos is one of the hosts of Marvel's THWIP! online variety show, which often gives previews of upcoming Marvel media.

Closing out a segment, Penagos brought up what fans can expect to see in 2017. On top of mentioning Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, Penagos surprised everyone and said Spider-Man hits PlayStation 4 in 2017.

Prior to this, Marvel, Sony, and Insomniac have all remained quiet on the topic of Spider-Man's release date. Many had speculated that the 3D action-adventure game would be scheduled for 2018, though there's some evidence against that.

Insomniac had insinuated on Twitter that 2018 wasn't a certainty and a Best Buy ad had previously pointed towards 2017, though it's not related to this summer's Spider-Man: Homecoming film. This is the first official word from someone associated with the game specifically pointing to 2017, however.

That being said, nothing should be treated as official just yet. While Ryan Penagos is effectively an official PR representative for Marvel and would certainly be knowledgeable on any tentative release date for Spider-Man, anyone can get carried away when doing a live show. Perhaps all he wanted to say was there's more information on Spider-Man coming soon. Either that or he believes it's common knowledge that Spider-Man is a 2017 game, meaning news should be coming soon. After this, Sony will probably want to clarify.

So far Sony's 2017 plans for the second half of the year remain a mystery in general. The studio previously announced several upcoming exclusives, including Spider-Man, the latest God of War game, and Days Gone from Sony Bend. The latter two games have had rumors swirling regarding 2017 release dates of their own, but it's hard to imagine all three somehow coming out in the same season.

For now, it's probably best to treat a potential Spider-Man release in 2017 with a grain of salt. It's certainly within Insomniac's capabilities and hearing it from Penagos is pretty close to making things official.

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For Sony, having Spider-Man release in 2017 would help bolster a year that has already included one stellar exclusive in Horizon: Zero Dawn. And for Marvel, it would be a chance to captilize on the success of the Homecoming film. But best of all, a 2017 line-up that includes Spider-Man and Days Gone would be huge for the holidays.

Spider-Man is an exclusive action-adventure game for the PlayStation 4, developed by Insomniac Games on their Ratchet & Clank engine. Expect news on the game's release date in the months ahead.

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