In the past, Spider-Man games have largely been multi-platform affairs, with Activision publishing many of the most well-known Spider-Man titles in history. However, the same can’t be said for the upcoming Spider-Man game on PS4, which will always be a PlayStation 4 exclusive since it is being published by Sony.

While many fans assumed as much, there were still some hopeful that Spider-Man on PS4 could make its way to other platforms. After all, Insomniac Games has been known to develop titles for platforms other than Sony consoles, even creating the Xbox One exclusive Sunset Overdrive a few years back. Unfortunately for those holding out hope that Spider-Man could one day come to competing platforms, however, Insomniac Games has confirmed on Twitter that it will always be a PS4 exclusive.

It’s not surprising that Sony isn’t going to let Spider-Man come to any other platforms. After all, Sony is pushing it as one of the biggest PS4 exclusives on the horizon, choosing the game to close out its E3 2017 press conference with an extended gameplay demo that was met with enthusiasm from the gaming community.

Sony is so confident in Spider-Man, in fact, that it believes the game could help push the PS4’s sales past the 100 million units sold mark. At last count, PS4 sales were a little over 60 million worldwide, so that means Sony thinks the game is enough to sell at least another 40 million units of its eighth generation console.

While Spider-Man‘s E3 2017 gameplay demo was impressive, it remains to be seen if the game can generate enough excitement to pull off what Sony is expecting. Few games in history, if any, have been able to sell that many consoles. However, Spider-Man combined with the many other exciting PlayStation 4 exclusive games in the pipeline could very well be enough for Sony to achieve its sales goals with the PS4.

Spider-Man will be available at some point in 2018, exclusively for the PlayStation 4.