Spider-Man Director Teases Even 'More Villains’ to Come


Without a doubt, the gameplay trailer shown for Spider-Man during Sony's PlayStation E3 2018 press conference gave fans plenty of action and story beats to mull over. Arguably, one of the most significant reveals included story details that unveiled four significant baddies from the Webslinger's extensive rogues gallery teaming up with the previously revealed Mr. Negative. The likes of Vulture, Rhino, Scorpion, and Electro are all joining the PS4 exclusive as antagonists, with Insomniac Games creative director Bryan Intihar teasing there are "even more villains" to come.

As seen below in Intihar's interview with IGN, at about the 53 second mark, the Insomniac head is asked who the mystery villain is being hinted at in Spider-Man's latest gameplay trailer, which will signify the formation of the Sinister Six. In response, the creative director said that fans will find out when the open world superhero release is out later this September. He then went on to say, "And we actually have even more villains than that, so there's even more to go."

Taking Intihar's above statement into account, it's quite possible that Insomniac plans on packing in as many stories with noteworthy Spider-Man villains as possible so as to not leave the most important encounters from the comic books out. The Shocker and Norman Osborn have already been confirmed, so there could be bigger baddies to come. After all, Spidey has a slew of iconic enemies, and it would be a shame if the Wall Crawler didn't come across other formidable foes such as the Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, Venom, or even Kraven.

All things considered, it seems as if Spider-Man is shaping up to be the most definitive video game representation of the property to date, for not only does the art style, story elements, and combat look sensational, but also Insomniac's decision to give the title an open world New York will likely score points with fans everywhere. As evidenced by our hands-on impressions at E3 2018, it has the potential to offer the exact type of game Spider-Man fans have been wanting for the longest time, as Insomniac Games seems to have captured the essence of the character in game form.

Spider-Man is set to launch on September 7, 2018 for PlayStation 4.

Source: IGN – YouTube

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