Going in to E3 2017, many gamers were hoping for more information on the Insomniac Games-developed Spider-Man, so much so that it was considered one of the most anticipated games of the expo. Thankfully, E3 did not disappoint, and the title was showcased as part of Sony’s press conference. Since the game’s demo, Insomniac has since released plenty of extra information on the project, including the size of the world map.

As it turns out, the map of the PS4-exclusive Spider-Man will be substantially larger than a recent notable open-world project from Insomniac Games. The developer’s community director James Stevenson has confirmed that the world map will be four to six times the size of Sunset Overdrive, the Xbox One exclusive title that Insomniac released back in 2014.

It’s worth pointing out that Sunset Overdrive did not exactly have the largest world map in terms of square feet as the crow flies, as the game made great use of vertical space rather than pure size. However, hopefully Spider-Man will also have a solid level of density to it, given the amount of web-slinging that the title will require.

Alongside describing the size of the world map, Insomniac Games has also given a solid update on exactly how this large map will be utilized. Speaking during the PlayStation live stream at E3 2017, Insomniac Games explained that Spider-Man will be its own world, with many of the same memorable elements of the property’s version of New York but with some creative flourishes that will “surprise people.”

Exactly what these surprises will be remains to be seen, but the title is certainly gaining a lot of positivity from video game fans and fans of the Spider-Man franchise in general. The game’s showing at E3 2017 has definitely helped matters too, with a gameplay demo showing off the open world and web-slinging combat.

If Insomniac Games is able to follow through on the promise of the game so far, then players will no doubt be in for a real treat when the game arrives. There’s still a while to go until Spider-Man is released, but until then all eyes will be on the project to see how it develops.

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Spider-Man will be released in 2018 exclusively for PS4.

Source: GamesRadar+