Developer Insomniac Games has revealed that the web-swinging in its upcoming Spider-Man game is based on physics and momentum. The new Spider-Man has been on everyone’s radars for over a year, and this years E3 showing off a good deal of what we can expect.

Some earlier Spider-Man games had relatively simple swinging mechanics, with webs shooting up toward the top-left or top-right of the screen and Spider-Man swinging along on his merry way. In a recent tweet, Insomniac shows off a GIF of Spider-Man swinging in its game, and the web shoots up and connects to the corner of a building. As Spider-Man swings, icons pop up along the edge of a building, seeming to indicate a new place to attach a web.

If the webs attach to buildings and Spider-Man’s momentum determines the arc of his swing, it will likely mean a more immersive experience for gamers hoping to dive in and feel like Spider-Man and interact with the city. Of course, it could also mean more complex gameplay, as precise control of movement will depend on calculation and the actual buildings available.

Past gameplay footage has shown Spider-Man running along buildings as another means of mobility, so the combination of multiple moving techniques may keep gameplay simpler while retaining somewhat realistic physics. Based on the GIF Insomniac included in the above Tweet, it looks like there is some wiggle room for players, as Spider-Man can be seen swinging to the right even though his web and momentum both go forward.

For Spider-Man, swinging around the city on webs is one of his most iconic moves. For fans, it’s probably the thing they most wish they could do. We can already expect good combat mechanics given Spider-Man’s influence from the Batman Arkham series, but if Insomniac delivers on a swinging mechanic that feels realistic while still being easy to use, and makes it feel like players’ choice of where to attach their web matters, the developer should make swinging around New York one of the most fun parts of the game.

Spider-Man releases in 2018 exclusively on PS4.