Spider-Man: Game of the Year Edition Price and Release Date Announced

spider-man game of the year edition price and release date announced

Around this time last year, Marvel's Spider-Man from Insomniac Games swung onto the scene and delivered what was hailed by many to be one of the best superhero games of all time. Our own Spider-Man review heaped praise onto the game, giving it a perfect score and naming it one of the PS4's best exclusive games. Now those who have yet to see what all the fuss is about can pick up Spider-Man and all its DLC for a bit cheaper than usual, as Insomniac Games and PlayStation have confirmed that the Spider-Man: Game of the Year Edition is out now.

Spider-Man: Game of the Year Edition retails for $39.99, $20 off the usual asking price for the base game, and it includes all three episodes of The City That Never Sleeps DLC. This means that those who pick up the Game of the Year Edition will be able to experience the entire story of the new Spider-Man game, and will definitely get the most bang for their buck. Those who already have the base game and just want to try the DLC can still purchase it separately for $25.

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For the uninitiated, The City That Never Sleeps DLC gives Spider-Man a few new adventures. In it, Spider-Man fights back against the crime wave being led by Hammerhead, and he even gets some help from his frequent ally, the morally ambiguous Black Cat.

The City That Never Sleeps DLC for Spider-Man wasn't nearly as well-received as the base game, but it does expand the experience and gives players even more story to consume while they wait for Insomniac to announce a sequel.

Spider-Man sequel has yet to be announced, but there is a game coming out next May that could hold fans over in the meantime. As revealed at E3 2019, The Avengers video game is finally set to release in May 2020, and there are hints that suggest it exists in the same universe as Insomniac's Spider-Man game. Whether or not there are deeper connections remains to be seen, but fans should have a better idea once that game launches on May 15, 2020.

Marvel's Spider-Man is out now, exclusively for PS4.

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