In preparation for the game’s release tomorrow, Activision has just released a new trailer that sets the scene for Spider-Man: Edge of Time. Laying out the storyline essentials and showcasing both Amazing and 2099 Spider-Man’s moves, this trailer is the perfect primer before picking up the game tomorrow.

Part of what is so interesting about Spider-Man: Edge of Time — besides getting to once again play as dual Spider-Men — is the time-bending adventure. You see, in 2099’s universe the world has become drastically altered as a result of the death of Peter Parker and so 2099 and Amazing Spider-Man must work together to stop Walker Sloan from rewriting history.

And that’s essentially Edge of Time’s story in a nutshell, but that’s not where the fun ends, but where it begins. Developer Beenox, if you will remember from Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, also uses the multiple Spider-Man trope to craft unique gameplay experiences. For 2099 there’s a heavier emphasis on technology-based combat maneuvers — turning invisible, using electricity — while Amazing Spider-Man relies on more traditional web-based attacks.

Check out the trailer below:


While it does make us sad that Spider-Man Noir and Ultimate will not be returning for Edge of Time, there’s a strong belief that consolidating the storytelling to two worlds will make for a greater back-and-forth and a more cohesive experience. Not only that it will also allow players to delve deeper into the personal lives of these two Spider-Man, and finally encounter Mary Jane Watson (as voiced by Laura Vandervoort).

And, before the game moves from pre-order to straight up purchase, potential patrons should know that there are a few bonus costumes available. But, we figure, there will still be a couple costume nods to Spider-Man’s past, and future, contained within the retail copy of the game, like the new Ultimate Comics universe suit.

Are you planning on picking up Spider-Man: Edge of Time when it releases tomorrow? How do you feel about the decision to axe Spider-Man Noir and Ultimate?

Spider-Man: Edge of Time will be available tomorrow for PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii.