Spider-Man: Edge of Time Teaser Trailer

Spider-Man Edge of Time Trailer

Last week Activision made the official announcement regarding the next Spider-Man game coming from Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions developer Beenox, just in time to show it off at WonderCon over the weekend. The follow-up is titled Spider-Man: Edge of Time and it features a time-bending story involving both the modern Amazing Spider-Man and the future-based Spider-Man 2099.

Activision just unveiled the very first teaser trailer for Spider-Man: Edge of Time and if you're fan of Shattered Dimensions you'll you want to check this out.

The teaser runs a minute and twenty seconds and its money shot depicts the transformation of the Statue of Liberty into an armored, sword-wielding champion warrior. It's narrated from the perspective of future Spidey who explains he needs the help of his past incarnation (our Peter Parker) to help him save the future.

You'll notice the actual gameplay elements and graphics are near identical to Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions. With it coming out only a mere year later, I'm concerned the title may feel like a rushed game or an expansion of sorts as opposed to a fleshed out full retail release - only time will tell.

Watch and see for yourself:


"A hero has no future if he has no past."

The ending sequence of the trailer shows Spider-Man 2099 carrying Amazing Spider-Man out of battle and confirms that one or both characters will actually time travel in the game. This is Beenox's method this time of again including more than one version of Spider-Man in their game.

I enjoyed Shattered Dimensions but what's shown here doesn't excite me yet. I do love the Spider-Man: Edge of Time box-art though!

[Update: Check out the slick Spider-Man: Edge of Time screenshots!]

We expect Spider-Man: Edge of Time to hit all major platforms, including Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, DS, 3DS and PC. It releases this fall, possibly in September as its predecessor.


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