Marvel’s Spider-Man has already proven itself a substantial experience with lots to do and explore within its breathtaking recreation of New York City, even though it doesn’t release until next week. That being said, gamers are eager to find out what lies beyond the horizon for one of 2018’s most anticipated titles. Insomniac Community Director James Stevenson is providing some juicy insights into what fans can expect in the future for Marvel’s Spider-Man.

Via PlayStation.Blog, Stevenson laid out the release schedule and details for Spider-Man‘s DLC collection, The City That Never Sleeps. Plotted out into three distinct chapters, the DLC can be purchased as a bundle for $24.99 USD or individually at $9.99 each.

The Heist is the first chapter and will release October 23, followed by Turf Wars in November, and then Silver Lining in December. The Heist will expand Felicia Hardy, or Black Cat’s story and see her reveal herself to Spider-Man. It’s unclear whether Black Cat will be the focal point of The Heist expansion, however Stevenson did confirm the addition of new missions and challenges, a brand new faction of enemies, and three additional suits.

Marvel's Spider-Man 4k capture

Marvel’s Spider-Man: The City That Never Sleeps can be purchased as a three-part bundle starting today, or separately upon their individual release dates. For those who have yet to pre-order the game, the Digital Deluxe Edition is available for $79.99 USD and includes all three installments of The City That Never Sleeps DLC pack. Further, Digital Deluxe Edition pre-orders include pre-order bonus content including a physical Spidey pin.

Anyone who likes to speed through their games will appreciate the brisk pace of the DLC release schedule, as it’ll quickly provide additional content to explore once the base game is completed. On that note, Stevenson recently said the average tester completed the game in 20 hours on the default difficulty, although they left out a lot of exploring and sidequests.

The forthcoming PS4 exclusive has been in the making for three years and has gradually attracted the public’s attention with stunning gameplay footage and enticing gameplay and narrative details. 18 minutes of 4k gameplay footage was recently unveiled with commentary by Insomniac that helped drive momentum leading up to the title’s September 7 release.

Marvel’s Spider-Man releases September 7 exclusively for the PS4.

Source: PlayStation Blog