Spider-Man 2 Will Release Earlier Than Players Expect

If there's one thing Sony is good at, it's making exclusive games. The company has gained quite a reputation for its exclusive lineup, which offers gamers almost universally well-reviewed single-player experiences. Among those titles is Spider-Man, the web-swinging action game that became one of the best-selling superhero titles of all time. And while that game came out just last year, it seems that a new Spider-Man game may not be too far away, possibly even by 2021.

The information comes from former Game Informer Senior Editor Imran Khan during a recent episode of the Kinda Funny Gamescast. According to Khan, the game is slated to release sometime during "Christmas 2021", setting it up for a release just over three years after the first game. Khan went on to state, "I know too much about this, so I can’t speculate too much. I think a Spider-Man 2 will come sooner than we think." While that wouldn't be the longest development period, Sony has used Spider-Man to demonstrate the power of the PlayStation 5, and the next iteration of the franchise releasing early on in the new consoles life span isn't inconceivable.

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Without a doubt, the next Spider-Man game is in development. It was a smashing success for Sony, the main character is one of the most recognizable and beloved superheroes on the planet, and the ending left the possibility of a sequel both open and implied. Plus, game director Bryan Intihar has teased Venom and the Symbiote suit for a future sequel, which would be a great follow up.

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Still, it's wise to take this information with a massive grain of salt. While Khan is a reputable and respected journalist, video game development is fickle, and it's likely a target release window. There are tons of things that can go wrong during development, especially once new hardware is added into the mix. Sony is no stranger to delaying games, either, having just pushed back The Last of Us 2 in October. Having Spider-Man 2 in hand by 2021 would certainly be exciting for players, but seems too early based on known development timelines.

Of course, stranger things have happened, and the Spider-Man franchise is something that Sony seems willing to double down on, given the recent drama between Marvel and Sony over the movie depiction of the character. Only time will tell if the game releases that soon, but at least fans can hope to have Spider-Man 2 sooner rather than later.

Spider-Man is currently available for the PlayStation 4.

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Source: Kinda Funny Gamecast

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