Spelunky 2 Release Date Delayed

When Spelunky experienced its first full release on Xbox 360 in 2012, it was noted for its unique platforming gameplay, randomized level design, and for being one of the hardest games of all-time. Although a sequel is in the works, it was announced that the game has been pushed past a 2019 release.

In 2017, Spelunky 2 had been announced, with some plot details regarding the protagonist of the first game and his daughter, who will be heading the second game. Furthermore, it had been revealed that Spelunky 2 will have an online multiplayer component and the ability to hop from one layer to another.

Apparently, even more features in the game have yet to be revealed, as game director Derek Yu tweeted that Spelunky 2 is receiving a delay into 2020. According to Yu, the reason is that the quantity of added content is demanding more development time.

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Yu also posted various images showcasing some of the content that will be seen in the game. He also let those excited know in a final tweet that, as soon as a release date is available, he will be sure to notify Spelunky fans.

Furthermore, the images shown illustrate promise for the upcoming sequel, appearing to expand on the concept set forth by the series' original installment. Beyond the aforementioned online multiplayer component in Spelunky 2 and added ability to move from layer to layer, not much is known about the game. In terms of the game's premise, it is known that the protagonist from the first game has retired from spelunking and his daughter, Ana Spelunky, will be taking his place.

The original game's brutal difficulty has kept the title deeply-rooted in the minds of players who appreciate a challenge. Its permadeath mechanics only added to the difficulty, but it kept players coming back. This is the sign of a fair challenge and it is something that Spelunky 2 will hopefully be able to live up to whenever the game's release comes around.

Spelunky 2 is currently in development for PC and PS4.

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