Watch Speedrunning Marathon Summer Games Done Quick Live

By | 1 year ago 

In 2010, a group of talented speed runners from the Speed Demos Archive came together to show off their skills on a marathon Twitch stream and raise some money for charity in the process. The event was a huge success — and in the five years since, it has grown exponentially.

The first weekend raised a little more than $10,000, which was enough for a follow-up event in 2011. The second marathon raised in excess of $50,000, which prompted another two sessions before the end of the year. In January 2015, the most recent Games Done Quick event raised more than $1.5 million for the Prevent Cancer Foundation.

That’s a pretty phenomenal amount of money, but it’s very easy to get immersed in Games Done Quick. There’s a lot of skill on show whatever game is being run, and there’s a real variety to the titles that various runners choose to take on.

Some are Games Done Quick mainstays that tenured watchers will recognize from previous years, while others are new additions that may never have been played at earlier editions of the event. Certain titles can be relied upon to provide memorable gameplay, but often it’s the most unassuming games that provide the most entertainment.

Adding to the fun are the regular pledge goals set by both organizers and runners. From time to time, a player might request a certain amount of donations to be reached before they attempt some optional content, or some other challenge to make their task a little bit harder.

Viewers also have the chance to earn a reward for their donation. Raffles are held throughout the broadcast, offering a mixed bag of bits and pieces to tempt you into making a contribution. A selection of themed t-shirts are also being offered as another method of raising money.

Games Done Quick has quickly turned into a must-see event on the video game calendar. It’s a winning combination of top-tier gameplay and a very good cause — like previous summer iterations, this year’s event will once again benefit Doctors Without Borders.

With an impressive $100,000 already raised at the time of writing, it will certainly be interesting to see whether the runners can improve upon their previous record set earlier in the year. Last year’s Summer Games Done Quick raised more than $700,000, so that’s the score to beat this time around.

Summer Games Done Quick will run until August 2. A full schedule is available on the event’s official website.