Racing fanatics better mark July 20 in their calendars, because that’s the release date for Need for Speed World‘s free client. Players will be able to download the client and jump right into the Racing MMO action, competing in a variety of races and gaining experience up to the level 10 cap. At that point you can decide to purchase the Need for Speed currency or not, which will grant you access to a variety of new content.

Need for Speed World is said to be quite similar to previous games in the franchise Carbon and Most Wanted. You’ll spend the majority of your time escaping police and speeding through illegal street races, but with added MMO-style special abilities. World also features cooperative and team based play, as you’d expect from any online-based video game.

If you’re persuaded already, you can pre-order the Need for Speed World starter pack for $20. The pack will grant you $20 of the in-game currency, access to all 50 levels of progression, a bundle of consumable power ups, and early access to the game. Yup, if you pre-order now you can start your engines starting July 14, rather than wait for the free release on July 20. You’ll also get the prestigious VIP tag in your in-game profile. Bling-bling.

What do you think of Need for Speed World, Ranters? Interested in seeing how Need for Speed translates into a persistent online world? Think you’ll check out the free client on July 20?

Source: Destructoid