'Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit' Getting Free DLC; iPhone Autolog App Detailed

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit One Million Challenge Lamborghini

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit has been a return to form for the Need for Speed franchise - and received a solid review here on Game Rant. Gamers who were able to snag a copy for a discounted price this Black Friday can now earn some free DLC.

EA is offering a challenge to the NFS community. The prize? Free DLC for everyone.

If the Need for Speed Hot Pursuit launch trailer gets one million views before December 12th, then three cars will be made available for free - for all to enjoy this holiday season. Not only are these cars super exotic, but they're all convertibles, so you can break records on your friend's Speedwall in style.

Many gamers will  be glad to get their hands one some free DLC, especially after spending so much on videogames this holiday. Check the launch trailer below and spread the word:


The three cars in this pack will be the: Bentley Continental Supersports Convertible, Lamborghini Murcielago LP 650-4, and Dodge Viper SRT10 Convertible Final Edition.

You can view all three in the pictures below:

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After checking out these vehicles, I wish we had some simple customization options for the drivers in NFS: HP - too bad the player can't make the person driving look more like them.

It may not be a character creator, but EA is looking at other ways to immerse players in the Need for Speed world. The 'Autolog' was an innovative feature in NFS: HP, and to help gamers stay in touch with their friends, Criterion is offering a free iPhone app. With the app players will be able to receive notifications if a friend beats one of their recorded times. Players will also have the  ability to respond to Speedwall postings. Another interesting feature is the 'Play Later' function. When a rival racer posts a challenge, gamers can tap this button and save it as a reminder for when they boot up their console.

The Autolog app is currently only in development for the iPhone and will be available soon. There's no word on if it will be coming to other mobile platforms.

How do you feel about the free DLC cars? What about Autolog feature in Need for Speed Hot Pursuit? iPhone users, will you be downloading the free app once it releases?

Source: Need for Speed Blog

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