Speed Halo Video in Halo: Reach

Halo: Reach has spawned some of the best multiplayer action seen on the Xbox 360 to date – so it should come as no surprise that we’ve found an awesome Game Rant Pick from the Reach Universe.¬†Delving into some simplified gameplay, hold tight to your gravity hammer and prepare for some good ol’, Halo: Reach pandemonium. What is providing such pandemonium, you ask?

Welcome to a ridiculous game-mode called “Speed Halo.”

The idea behind “Speed Halo” is simple: through one giant, impossibly fast ramp exists a single ‘zombie’ at the bottom. He has a gravity hammer, and his job is to hit everyone else, who are repetitively driving down this ramp in warthogs – trying to avoid being devastated by the aforementioned gravity hammer toting zombie. The warthogs get going impossibly fast, some mostly spinning and flying most of the track – and when you die, you become one of the ‘zombies’ as the bottom.

Sounds simple? Yes. Sometimes, the most fun things are.

Let’s take a look for ourselves, courtesy of our friends Geoff and Jack over at AchievementHunter:


As you can see, each time a warthog makes it to the warp point things are only bound to get more difficult – as their speed picks-up and they’re left simply trying not to flip over. It’s crazy-enough, even before the zombie horde builds to critical mass.

Gameplay will always start off with one zombie and up to 15 warthogs, so you can grab a solid amount of friends together and hit the slopes, Halo-style. The game has seen a massive surge of players ever since it was covered by Jack and Geoff – of Red vs Blue fame – so the time is ripe if you want to join in on this ludicrous action.

The gameplay seems to have originated from users ‘Darth Human’ and ‘DBC Mak3r Com3’, who haven’t come out for comment, but regardless are getting Ebert-style thumbs up from the gaming community. If you happen to see them on the slopes yourself, be sure to give them a tasty gravity hammer – along with a thanks from us here at Game Rant!

What do you think about “Speed Halo”? Have you already played it? If not, do you think you’ll pop in your Halo: Reach disc to get your Warthog Pilot license?

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Source: AchievementHunter