New 'Spec Ops: The Line' Information Coming This Tuesday

Spec Ops The Line Announcment Coming Next Tuesday

2K's squad based shooter Spec Ops: The Line has dropped off the map in the past couple of months, as after one beta and numerous delays the title seemed to be pushed into the corner as 2K spent its time showing off BioShock: Infinite and The Darkness 2. Luckily, for those interested in the title (or those of you who just remembered this game still exists), 2K has promised that a brand new trailer will be released this upcoming Tuesday at 8AM (Eastern Time).

When Spec Ops: The Line first debuted it looked breathtaking. The emphasis on how sand could effect gameplay, as well as the game's focus on narrative really made it stand out from similar titles. However,  as The Line is effectively a reboot of the quite-mediocre Spec Ops PS1 titles, many wonder whether The Line could be a brand new level of sophistication, or just another bargain bin title. To make gamers even more worrisome, the game was plagued with delays and a less than well received beta test. However, that doesn't mean 2K is out of the game.

To tease fans of what they can expect from next week's reveal, 2K has released an image of Captain Walker, The Line's main character, and judging by the screenshot below he's not exactly where he wants to be:

Spec Ops The Line Announcment Next Week

In the above scenario, Walker finds himself surrounded by corpses; one of the reasons why I, personally am so interested in the title. The emphasis on morbid content and the grey areas of war is really intriguing, and hopefully it's a theme that the team over at 2K is able to carry throughout the whole campaign, as The Line has quite a lot of potential that we'd hate to see go to waste.

Hopefully, 2K has taken the beta feedback into account and have taken the extra time to polish the title. Considering that The Line does not have a set release date it would be nice to see 2K take their time, iron out all of the kinks and craft something with an engrossing narrative and fun gameplay. Many shooter titles have the potential to be something greater than mindless combat, and we'd love to see 2K take that risk and not release another Gears clone, as so many developers seem keen on doing these days.

Spec Ops: The Line currently does not have a release date but should release on the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.


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Source: 2K Games 

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