Microsoft’s E3 2012 Press Conference showered audiences with trailers and gameplay galore of some of the biggest titles hitting the console soon, along with a few of the peripherals and pieces of media center software the company is trying to promote on its gaming machine.

For those of us who just wanted to get back to the games, Trey Parker and Matt Stone really cleansed the palette and woke up the audience with their jibes at the conference itself, teleprompter free and off-script. We were treated to a new trailer for THQ and Obsidian Entertainment’s RPG South Park: The Stick of Truth, as well as some insight into Trey and Matt’s involvement in the development process (which is a lot). Aside from the game simply including characters and places familiar to fans of the show, the trailer proved that it carried its spirit and humor as well, translating seamlessly from the series.

As the new kid, gamers will embark on a quest to become cool by creating and customizing their own unique South Park avatar and jumping into an adventure with all the bizarre, gross, and hilarious flair of the show. While the game will be available on most major platforms, Xbox proudly toted exclusive content and first dibs on DLC. The “Good Times With Weapons” pack, based off of the episode of the same name, will allow players to wield some of the weapons the kids used, such as Cartman’s Kick-Ass Sai and his alter-ego Bulrog’s Chicken Attack, which turns foes into poultry. Round (or roundhouse) it all off with Samurai costumes and you have a DLC pack that’s pretty kick-ass in itself.

South Park The Stick of Truth E3 2012 Trailer

Exclusive to Xbox 360 is the “Mysterion Superhero Pack,” a pre-order pack that is themed after the superhero episodes from the show. In it, gamers will be able to use the powers of Mysterion, don some capes and costumes, and get stabby with the Dagger of Cthulhu. Another perk for Xbox owners is that the first three downloadable episode packs for South Park: The Stick of Truth will be available first on the Xbox 360. Additionally, Kinect capabilities allows players to issue commands and verbally taunt their enemies.

The earlier screenshots were nice on their own, but the trailer added a whole new dimension to what fans are to expect from the upcoming title. All-in-all, the game looks like it’s shaping up to be more than merely jacking fans for money and pandering to them with a mediocre game. The content, the look and feel, and the creators’ involvement puts a lot of those fears to rest.

South Park: The Stick of Truth will be released for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC March 5, 2013.

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