'South Park' Tackles Let's Play Videos; Pewdiepie Guest Stars

King YouTuber Pewdiepie literally earns millions of dollars per year making videos of himself playing video games. If you told someone that a gamer can be a millionaire from playing video games a few years ago, they'd laugh or roll their eyes but thanks to YouTube partnerships and the reach of the most popular of YouTube entertainers, it's big business for advertisers and sponsors.

Pewdiepie's YouTube channel is the most popular in the world and he currently sits at 32.5 million subscribers, a number that continually and consistently grows. That trend isn't going to stop either since his celebrity status is bringing him even more into the mainstream. Last year he was part of the Spike VGX show and this week he's a guest star on South Park.

Again exploring video games and tech for a third time this season - previously covering the Oculus Rift and free-to-play games - this Wednesday's episode of South Park titled "Rehash" pokes fun at Let's Play videos. Cartman is going to be making Let's Play videos, or commentaries, of his pals' commentaries. Time to get really meta.

South Park creators, writers and voice actors Trey Parker and Matt Stone continue to be geniuses when it comes to addressing, hot, current issues, pop culture and fads like Let's Play videos in each episode and the series remains one of the smartest and hilarious animated programs on the air and of all-time. That's why it's living in its 18th season with no signs of slowing down.

That's also why South Park: The Stick of Truth is one of the best video games of the year.

We're wondering if the show will go beyond the still-somewhat-unbelievable notion of YouTubers sharing commentaries and getting millions of viewers (and money) for it, and tackle the more controversial topics of shady advertising. In the case of Pewdiepie, he also shut down comments on all of his videos which spoke volumes to the problem of YouTube's current system (at that time)... until he enabled them again...

Anyway, Pewdiepie posted the above video to his channel and 32.5 million fans so if there's any program to make his television debut, South Park is a good one for the internet and gaming community. This is good for both Pewdiepie and South Park.


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