Ubisoft’s E3 press conference has featured a number of big surprises already, but one thing that was expected was a heavy presence out of South ParkSouth Park: The Fractured But Whole had already dealt with a delay that made it a sure-fire presence if only to remind gamers that it was still on the way, and the trailer for that game was extremely well-received.

Surprisingly, however, Ubisoft wasn’t done with its South Park E3 2017 content just yet. After a few other reveals, Ubisoft abruptly shifted gears once again and showed off a mobile phone teaser that eventually revealed South Park would be coming to mobile devices in the near future as South Park Phone Destroyer.

The trailer didn’t reveal much about exactly what kind of gameplay fans can expect from the new title, but it certainly made a point out of emphasizing that the new game would have an immense variety of choices available to players. What was initially teased as just a two-class game quickly accelerated well past ten, and it appears South Park Phone Destroyer will take cues from South Park: The Stick of Truth when it comes to offering an incredible amount of variety in player experience.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a South Park game without a number of digs at the medium its inhabiting, and even the title, South Park Phone Destroyer, is meant to be humorous commentary on the way mobile games drain phone battery lives quickly. To its credit, the title looks like it might be accurate, because the graphical presentation of the game looks almost identical to the console titles.

South Park Phone Destroyer appears to be embracing a popular genre on phones and other mobile devices, too, as the trailer looked to show card-based combat that looks like a mix of traditional turn-based gameplay combined with elements of Hearthstone or The Elder Scrolls: Legends. More details will follow soon, to be sure, but for now South Park Phone Destroyer looks like a serious mobile contender from a developer that knows full well how to translate the show’s success into compelling gameplay.

South Park Phone Destroyer is coming sometime in 2017, and will be available for Android and iOS mobile devices.