South Park: The Fractured But Whole has a number of challenging boss battles, but the most difficult is a secret fight against none other than Morgan Freeman. In South Park: The Fractured But Whole, Morgan Freeman is usually a benevolent character, offering players advice on crafting and selling them items at his restaurant, Freeman’s Tacos, but getting on his bad side is bad news.

Once players can visit downtown South Park, they can immediately start the boss fight against Morgan Freeman. To do so, simply go behind the counter at Freeman’s Tacos and hit him a total of three times. However, fighting Morgan Freeman before beating the main story and even all the other side content is ill-advised due to how abnormally powerful he is.

As we stated earlier, the secret boss fight against Morgan Freeman stands as the toughest boss battle in the entire game. Players will want to be well prepared and go in with a sound strategy if they want to stand any chance at defeating him and unlocking one of South Park: The Fractured But Whole‘s more difficult achievements/trophies, Farts Over Freckles.

Preparing for the Fight


Before players can fight Morgan Freeman, at least one condition needs to be met first. While playing as a black character in South Park: The Fractured But Whole is essentially putting the game on “hard” mode, players can’t actually fight Morgan Freeman, the hardest boss in the game, unless they’re white. Luckily for those that played through the entire game and want to fight Morgan Freeman with their powerful artifacts equipped, there’s actually a way to change your character’s skin color.

Just like players can visit the school counselor Mr. Mackey to change their gender in South Park: The Fractured But Whole, players can chat with PC Principal to switch their race. Please note that those going for the achievement/trophy called The Token Experience will want to hold off on doing this until after they finish the main story. At any rate, PC Principal can be found hanging out at Crunchy’s Micro Brew in downtown South Park, doing his best to fight back against microaggressions.

Once players have a white character, they need to start punching Morgan Freeman at Freeman’s Tacos to initiate the fight, as previously stated. However, players will want to make sure their Might level is at least 800 before they even consider jumping into this battle.

It’s also smart to unlock all the summons as well as all the combat TimeFarts. Be sure to have Cheese Vials to summon the drugged up Gerald Broflovski, as well as macaroni pictures to summon Moses. As for healing items, having Maximum Revive Serums is going to do wonders, so be sure to buy some from vendors or craft a few yourself, along with some Maximum Antidotes.

Once players are fully equipped and properly leveled, they’re ready to start the fight against Morgan Freeman.

Combat Buddies

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Now, there are many different ways players can go about this fight. Ultimately, it’s best that players stick with a team composition that they’re comfortable with. Having said that, there are two specific combat buddies in particular that we feel will give players a decent advantage in the fight against Morgan Freeman.

Arguably the most important combat buddy to take into this fight is Mysterion. Mysterion, also known as Kenny McCormick, will turn into a ghost once he’s killed. As a ghost, Mysterion can still interact with enemies on the battlefield to give them debuffs, and his ultimate ability allows him to come back to life while simultaneously healing his teammates. However, it’s worth noting that if Mysterion is a ghost and all other allies are killed, the fight will be over.

Another combat buddy that is especially helpful in this fight is Fast Pass, also known as Jimmy. Fast Pass can strike a row of enemies, turning himself invisible in the process. While he’s invisible, enemies will ignore Fast Pass, allowing him to freely heal allies or attack without having to worry about taking damage for a turn.

Again, we must stress that selecting a team one’s comfortable with is the most important factor going into the fight with Morgan Freeman. Regardless of which characters players choose for the fight, though, there are some basic strategies to keep in mind while trying to defeat Morgan Freeman.

Fighting Morgan Freeman

South Park Guide: How to Beat Morgan Freeman - Morgan Freeman boss fight

The very first thing Morgan Freeman does is unleash a fart attack that can easily kill characters in one hit as well as inflict Gross Out on them. Use a TimeFart attack to skip his turn, and then spread out across the battlefield. Try to have no more than two characters on either side of Morgan Freeman at any given time, as that limits his ability to damage everyone at once.

During this first phase of the fight, simply pummel Morgan Freeman and try to keep everyone healed. Remember that Maximum Revive Serums will be very helpful here, and should get characters back into the fray with a decent chunk of health. After about a quarter of his health has been removed, Freeman will enter the second phase of the fight, wherein he summons his younger self to take on the Freedom Pals.

The second phase of the fight is much like the first in terms of what moves Morgan Freeman has up his sleeve, but his younger self means that he now has twice the number of turns per round. Focus everything on young Morgan Freeman for now, as entering the third phase of the battle with him still alive is a death wish. It’s worth noting that it’s possible to freeze young Morgan Freeman, whereas older Morgan Freeman is immune to it, so that’s a good way to keep the enemy turns as limited as possible.

South Park Guide: How to Beat Morgan Freeman - Mysterion Ghost Morgan Freeman boss fight

Alternatively, players may want to experiment with keeping young Morgan Freeman alive and afflicting him with the Confuse status effect. There are a number of characters that can do this, particularly a dead Mysterion and Professor Chaos, and this could essentially give players an extra turn to deal damage to Morgan Freeman during the fight. Of course, the downside to this is that players will need to make sure young Morgan Freeman stays confused throughout the rest of the battle, or else he could become a problem.

The third phase of the fight with Morgan Freeman is by far the most frustrating, though once players get to this point, they know they are in the home stretch. Morgan Freeman will begin charming the party, which essentially switches them to his side and can make even the best team compositions fall apart. To break an ally free from their charmed state, use Antidote items or simply wallop them.

What makes this part of the battle even more frustrating is that Freeman is given two turns each round. Really the only thing that can be done is keeping allies healed and trying to reduce the chances for him to damage multiple characters at once by staying spread out across the battlefield. It may get to the point where players are only hitting Freeman once per round, but if he’s afflicted with status ailments like bleeding or burning, as he should be, he will still be taking damage.

With enough perseverance, players should be able to defeat Morgan Freeman and claim one of the game’s most difficult achievements/trophies in the process.

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At the time of this writing, fighting and defeating Morgan Freeman is the greatest challenge in all of South Park: The Fractured But Whole. However, Ubisoft has extensive DLC plans for the game, with its season pass adding two story expansions, including one that takes place in the Casa Bonita restaurant from the show. It’s possible that the game’s DLC will introduce even more formidable boss fights for players to contend with, but for now, it’s safe to say Morgan Freeman is the biggest threat in the game.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.