Sound Shapes, the upcoming Vita exclusive music-based platformer has one very special guest contributing tunes to the soundtrack: deadmau5. Today, Sony has revealed the first look at one of the levels featuring his music.

In terms of the music in Sound Shapes, deadmau5’s contributions won’t feature cuts from his albums, but instead, it’ll be all new content from him specifically for the game. This is because the Sound Shape‘s soundtrack changes to reflect the player’s actions -much like Vita puzzle game Lumines: Electronic Symphony.

However, players can look forward to hearing plenty of the man’s music at launch, as it can be used to construct custom levels. For now though, you can check out deadmau5’s music in one the singleplayer levels:


The art in the above stage was done by a group known as Pixel Jam, and neither they nor deadmau5 are the sole contributors to Sound Shapes, though so far they’re the only ones announced. More artists and composers will be revealed in the lead up to the game’s launch and they will each add a unique flavor to the game. Not every level will look or sound like that in the above video.

“Each world is a different experience from the last in terms of art, music, and gameplay. It’s like putting on a Daft Punk record and then putting on a Black Sabbath record. They’re very different vibes.”

The game looks challenging, as the person playing in the video seemed to miss a couple of jumps here and there. But despite that, the music never stopped playing, instead adding a little symbol clash whenever the player was hit by a laser or missed a platform. The seamless qualities of Sound Shapes will certainly play to its advantage, and it’s clear the developers at Queasy Games have put a lot of work into making sure everything flows.

At this point, it’s safe to say Sound Shapes is, umm, shaping up to be an interesting experience. Whether or not the comparison is apt, what we’ve seen reminds me most of the PSP Locoroco titles, and that’s certainly not a bad thing. Let’s just hope that come launch, deadmau5 doesn’t pretend to lose his Vita.

Sound Shapes is in development for the PlayStation Vita.

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Source: PlayStation Blog